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LibraZiK - summary in english

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LibraZiK - audio studio

version #2 : "de ce pas"

version #1 : "premier pas"

So, what is LibraZiK ?

LibraZiK is primarily a french-ised digital audio-software music studio and related documentation.

LibraZiK version #2 is made of free-software and is based on Debian GNU/Linux Stable which its codename is "Stretch".

LibraZiK version #1 was made of free-software and was based on Debian GNU/Linux which its codename is "Jessie".

Please note that, unless otherwise specified, the software part of LibraZiK is double-licenced under a CeCILL 2.1 license and a GNU GPL 3+ license and the artwork-and-writings part is double-licenced under a LAL 1.3 license and a CC-BY-SA 4.0 Internationnal license.

... more information about it (in French)

What does LibraZiK-2 looks like ?

... coming soon ...

I want to try, can I ?

Of course you can ! That said, all the documentation is in French but, I'm sure you can find plenty of documentation in another language, or use an online translator over the web.

... more information about it (in French)

How to install LibraZiK-2 ?

Installing LibraZiK-2 can be done in a few steps. Everything is detailed in the doc below which is written in French. The English readers can probably find an online translator to get it into a mostly usable English.

As a hint, please note that the live-ISO can be found here.

Note that, as an extra step from the official (French) documentation, the non-French readers will want to install the "librazik-apt-nonfr" package.

... more information about it (in French)

How to get some help ?

LibraZiK-2 is firstly focussed on French speakers. C'est la vie :) . As a consequence, the documentation, the blog and the forum we are using are all in French. If you want, you can still join the IRC channel. There is nothing needed to be installed. Just click here and you'll be connected. A few people there are fine to talk an easy French if you want to try your skills, or English (which can be basic).

When you are connected, say hello, ask your question and be patient. It is infrequent to get a quick answer on IRC. Do not forget that this is a user channel, and you might find people not able to talk English at all.

If you wish to connect in any other way than the web interface, here you have the needed information : network → "" and channel name → "#librazik" .