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Installing LibraZiK-3 - method 3 ( page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4 )
(French version / Version française)

This tutorial has been revised in November 2020 with librazik3-20201104-en-amd64.iso.

Installing LibraZiK-3 permanently on an internal disk of your computer (continuation)

Users and password

Enter the password for the super user here. To avoid errors, you will be asked twice.

Be careful here not to make a mistake between the different types of keyboard configuration (QWERTY/AZERTY for example).

LibraZiK-3 installer - choose the super-user's password - click to enlarge

Then, you will create your user account here:

LibraZiK-3 installer - creation of a user account - click to enlarge

Accompanied by the name of the login linked to this user account :

LibraZiK-3 installer - creation of the user account's identifier - click to enlarge

And finally, a password for this user account. Once again, in order to avoid mistakes, you are asked to enter it twice.

LibraZiK-3 installer - choice of password for the user account - click to enlarge

Hard disk and partition configuration

You arrive at the part where you will choose on which device (often a hard disk) and on which partition of this device you want to install your LibraZiK-3 system. Several information screens will scroll. Please be patient.

LibraZiK-3 installer - loading the components required to perform this task - click to enlarge

Here the installer will inform you that some of its modules cannot be found. This is not very serious and you will simply click on the “Continue” button at the bottom right.

LibraZiK-3 installer - missing "RAID" module - click to enlarge

LibraZiK-3 installer - missing "LVM" module - click to enlarge

Then the installer will continue its checks:

LibraZiK-3 installer - starting the partitioning tool - click to enlarge

And the installer will finally arrive on the partitioning tool.

LibraZiK-3 installer - first disk partitioning screen - click to enlarge

From there, you will choose and prepare the drive that will receive the LibraZiK-3 system installation. This is an important step which can be dangerous as you will be formatting your hard disk. It is at this point that the advice is once again necessary:

Make sure you have backed up your system(s) and information beforehand!

There are a multitude of cases and therefore there is not a single possible answer here. The two main cases are :

  1. your LibraZiK-3 system will be alone on the hard disk, then you will use the option “Assisted - use an entire disk” or “Manual”.
  2. your LibraZiK-3 system will cohabit with another system(s) (GNU/Linux, or Windows, …) then you will use the “Manual” option.
In any case, you can contact us, especially thanks to the live discussions on IRC (click HERE ), if you have any questions about this.

Once you have completed your partitioning selection, you will be presented with a screen such as this one, which will summarise the desired changes before applying them and will ask for confirmation to apply them definitively:

LibraZiK-3 installer - Request for partitioning confirmation - click to enlarge

If you have selected “yes” and click “Continue” to the previous question, the changes will be written to your disk as confirmed on the next screen:

LibraZiK-3 installer - Formatting and partitioning in progress - click to enlarge

From now on, it's too late for you if you haven't made a backup of your important stuff and then made a mistake when partitioning! :-D

System installation

The installer will now enter the system installation phase.

LibraZiK-3 installer - System installation - click to enlarge

This step can take time (from several minutes to several tens of minutes) depending on your internet connection (or no connection) and the speed of the machine.

Continue by reading page 4 of the installation.

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