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Installing LibraZiK-3 - method 3 ( page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4)
(French version / Version française)

This tutorial has been revised in November 2020 with librazik3-20201104-en-amd64.iso.

Installing LibraZiK-3 permanently on an internal disk of your computer (continuation and end)

Settings of the package management tool

The installer now configures the software packages management system. The first question you may be asked is: “Use a network mirror?”.

Select “Yes” here, then go and select the country where you are located, then This “” is a service that automatically finds the mirror that responds the fastest, which is very useful so that you don't have to change the configuration every time you move around, or when your usual mirror has problems.

Installation of the GRUB boot loader

GRUB is in charge of showing you the different systems present on your disk when you start your computer.

LibraZiK-3 installer - Boot loader 1 - click to enlarge

Choose here the location where you want to place the GRUB boot loader.

Be careful not to put it of your Live (USB key, DVD,…) support ! Otherwise, you will need to plug this USB key or DVD “live” each time you want to start your LibraZiK-3 ! m(

LibraZiK-3 installer - Boot loader 2 - click to enlarge

Then wait for another progress screen that lasts a few tens of seconds.

LibraZiK-3 installer - Boot loader 3 - click to enlarge

Finishing the installation

The initial installation will soon be completed.

The next screen informs you that the installation is almost complete, click on “Continue” :

LibraZiK-3 installer - Information on the installation completion - click to enlarge

Important note: contrary to what is written in the previous screen, do not remove your USB key now or the installation will not be completed. You will remove it when you restart your machine.

This last progress screen shows you the latest cleaning steps of the installation. It will take a few tens of seconds:

LibraZiK-3 installer - Cleaning - click to enlarge

Then, the installer gives you the control of the “live” system back:

LibraZiK-3 installer - Back to the "Live" system - click to enlarge

If you took screenshots during the installation, please copy them to an external support 1) if you want to keep them after rebooting the computer.


Done! The studio audio LibraZiK-3 is installed on your machine and you can reboot your system to start on it: top menu → System → Shut Down… → Restart.

Don't forget to remove your live media (USB key or DVD) when rebooting, otherwise it will reboot on the “live”.

During this first reboot, you will choose the “Debian GNU/Linux” option.

Perfecting the installation

After rebooting to LibraZiK-3, you can finish the installation :


Do an update 2) especially if you made an installation without an internet connection because this will allow you to get the last updates arrived since the building of the live 3).

Installation of additional packages required

Install the following packages:

  • librazik-theme-all (which should install librazik-theme-grub and librazik-theme-lightdm)
  • librazik-optimisations-all (which should install librazik-optimisations-rtirq, librazik-optimisations-timers and rtirq-init)
These packages will allow you to complete this initial installation of LibraZiK-3.
Please note that you will need to restart the machine for this to take effect.

Configurations of your LibraZiK-3 system

To finish installing your studio audio LibraZiK-3, you may want to add some configurations to your system.

a USB key for example, but not the live one, an other USB key 8-)
with the top menu → System → Administration → Synaptic Package Manager
Warning: this update may take time depending on your internet connection and the number of software packages to be updated
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