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Installing LibraZiK-3 - method 3 ( page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4 )
(French version / Version française)

This tutorial has been revised in November 2020 with librazik3-20201104-en-amd64.iso.


LibraZiK-3 installation logo - click to enlarge This installation of your studio audio LibraZiK-3 takes place in a few steps, the principles of which are :

  1. First, you will need to make yourself a USB key or a DVD live.
  2. Then you will be able to install it on an internal hard disk of your computer.
  3. There, you will be able to restart your computer to connect from this new basic installation.
  4. Afterwards, you will be able to finish the installation and carry out a configuration.
  5. Finally, you will be able to restart your computer to enter your fully installed and functional LibraZiK-3 system.
This entire installation procedure takes (depending on your internet connection, the capacity of your machine, and the amount of software to be updated) :
  • a little less than one hour with an internet connection
  • 20 minutes without internet connection
The “screenshot” button during the installation process saves the images in /lib/live/installer/var/log/ which may not be very convenient. Another solution is to use the PrintScreen key on your keyboard 1) which will save the screenshot on the “live” desktop or in another location of your choice, which can be much more convenient.

Starting the live

Start screen

After starting the live, you will arrive at the following screen:

LibraZiK-3 live : start menu - click to enlarge

Here you will choose: “Live (amd64)” in order to boot on the 64-bit live and then wait a bit while the system initialises.

The keyboard and localisation are pre-configured for QWERTY / EN. If you need to change them, press the Tab key and then add:
  • the alpha-numeric keyboard: keyboard-layouts=en or keyboard-layouts=us for example,
  • the localization: locales=en_GB.UTF-8 or locales=en_US.UTF-8 for example 2).

Arrival on the "live" system

This will take you to the “live system” screen:

Arrival on the LibraZiK-3 "live" - click to enlarge

Here you can try some of the software provided by LibraZiK-3 so that you can discover them.

If you plan to do an installation using a wifi internet connection, please continue reading below. Otherwise, you can continue reading directly to the chapter: Installing LibraZiK-3 permanently on an internal disk of your computer.

Connecting the wifi

Here are a few steps when a wifi connection is used during installation:

Click on the network management icon at the top right and select the wifi network to be used:

Activating the wifi network on LibraZiK-3 "live" 1/3 - click to enlarge

You will then be asked for the password of the wifi network that you will give before clicking on “Connect”:

Activating the wifi network on LibraZiK-3 "live" 2/3

Hint: checking the “Show password” checkbox can help you to be more sure that the password given for the wifi network is the right one.

You will then see that your LibraZiK-3 live system connects correctly to the wifi network :

Activating the wifi network on LibraZiK-3 "live" - click to enlarge

The connection for some wifi cards or chips does not work. An installation with an internet cable 3) is therefore recommended for such cases.

Installing LibraZiK-3 permanently on an internal disk of your computer

To start the “permanent” installation procedure, start menu → Applications → System Tools → Install LibraZiK-3 Audio Studio.

LibraZiK-3 installer - launching the installer - click to enlarge

The installer informs you of a kernel incompatibility, but it is not very important here. Simply press the ↵ Enter key on your alpha-numeric keyboard.

Once the installation procedure has started, you can switch from installer to the live using Alt+Tab ⇆ or Alt+F2.

Language and localisation

A few seconds will pass, then you will arrive on a screen where you will choose the language used for the duration of the installation. Make your choice and then click on the “Continue” button at the bottom right.

LibraZiK-3 installer - language selection screen for installer screens - click to enlarge

The installer offers you a reduced pre-selection of the most common choices for the geographical location corresponding to the users of the language you have just chosen. If your location does not appear here, choose “Other”.
Choose what you want and then click on “Continue”.

LibraZiK-3 installer - screen of the geographical location choice - click to enlarge

Now choose the keyboard layout that suits you best and click on “Continue”.

This refers to the layout of the keyboard once the system is installed, not the layout of the keyboard during installation.

LibraZiK-3 installer - keyboard selection screen - click to enlarge

Installer Information

The installer informs you that some installation options are not available. Simply select “Yes” (1) and then click “Continue” (2).

LibraZiK-3 installer - continuing the installation despite the "warning" message. - click to enlarge

Continue by reading page 2 of the installation.

sometimes also presented as PrtSc
you can have a look at the different possibilities by typing the command cat /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED in a terminal
whose correct name is “ethernet cable”
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