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Welcome to the LibraZiK 4 documentation center

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This is the documentation for LibraZiK-4.

If you wanted to have access to the documentation for the old LibraZiK-3, please got there.
Regarding the documentation for the former LibraZiK-2, please read this.
Regarding the documentation for the former LibraZiK-1, please read this.

Take the time to look at the menu on the left when you are in the “documentation” part of the site. It breaks down as follows:

  • Test it : what concerns the downloading of an ISO image, its burning on a CD or the manufacturing of a USB key
  • Installation : regarding the installation of the LibraZiK-4 distribution
  • Manual : the general user's manual of a LibraZiK-4 system
  • Software : a list of software pages as well as a way to search for a software according to a choice of need(s)
  • Understanding : to understand a little more in depth certain concepts
  • Package : a list of packages that provide software that have documentation on the site and are therefore officially part of LibraZiK-4
  • Lexicon : a lexicon containing the definition of terms used in the documentation (subjects: MAO, music, and computers mainly)
  • FAQ : a Frequently Asked Questions on the LibraZiK-4 distribution
Please, note that the translation of this documentation website into English is a work in progress. If you see a red link, it means that the corresponding page does not yet exist in English. If you would like to support the translation, please consider making a donation. If you are looking for a professional support, you can contact me via the email address available here.

Please also note the “You are here” located at the top of each documentation page which allows you to locate where each page is in the documentation hierarchy.

The documentation may send you to read other documentation external to the LibraZiK website.

You will see on many pages (especially at the bottom of the software presentation pages), links preceded by a little singing penguin like this. These are links to the best French-speaking general documentation about MAO under linux :

Please also note the buttons on the right when you are in the “Documentation” or “Tutorials” sections of the site.

If you want to follow the news of the documentation, here is a RSS feed.

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