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LibraZiK-4 manual - Starting LibraZiK-4


Here are various notes about starting LibraZiK-4.

GRUB startup screen

Here is what is called the GRUB startup screen: GRUB startup screen

Choose which kernel to start from

At the GRUB startup screen, press the ESC key.

Then, use the arrows on the alphanumeric keyboard to select “Advanced options for LibraZiK-4 GNU/Linux” and then press the Enter key.

You will then be presented with a startup list with several different options, including choosing from the different installed kernels, simply select the one you want, then press Enter.

Problematic startup with an nvidia graphics card

At the GRUB startup screen:

  • press the ESC key
  • then on the next screen, press the E key on the alpha-numeric keyboard,
  • adds then acpi=off after quiet,
  • finally, press the F10 key on the alpha-numeric keyboard.

See also this chapter of the LibraZiK installation manual.

No sound ?

Check the volumes of the different channels of your audio interface using alsamixer.

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