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LibraZiK-4 Manual - Installing a software


We have seen that Synaptic is the package manager of choice for your LibraZiK-4 environment. It goes even further than that, it is very strongly discouraged to install a software other than through Synaptic because, in the best case, it may work, and then that's great, but in other cases, it may mess up and even rot your system to the point where a complete reinstallation will be necessary. You'll find plenty of reading material on the web that will give you instructions on how to install software X or Y. Don't follow them if they don't start with “open your Synaptic package manager”. When in doubt, contact us to ask us what we think of this or that installation procedure that you will have gleaned from the Internet.

You will have been warned! 8-)

This tutorial was reviewed in December 2019 on LibraZiK-3.

Installation of a software

Here are some steps to follow to install correctly a software on your LibraZiK-4 :

You will make sure that the packages librazik-apt is installed since it gives access to the repository of the software prepared by the team.

Launch Synaptic : Menu → System → Administration → Synaptic Package Manager. You will be asked for your administrator password:

Administration password request - click to enlarge

Then, the main Synaptic window will open:

Synaptic main window - click to enlarge

Now do a search for the software you want to install:

Search in Synaptic - click to enlarge

If the package name or number includes “librazik”, this means that the team supports this package. If it does not, it means that the package is supported directly by Debian.

Right-click on the line of the desired software and left-click on “Mark for Installation”.

Select a software to install - click to enlarge

A window may pop up to give you information, for example to tell you that this package requires the installation of one or more other packages. These packages are called dependencies and most software has some. Read what is written in this window and then click on “Mark” to accept the installation of these packages.

Add to selection

Now click on “Apply” at the top of the Synaptic.

Select a software to install - click to enlarge

You will get a summary and final confirmation window, once again click on “Apply” :

Select a software to install - click to enlarge

The desired software will be downloaded:

Select a software to install - click to enlarge

Then installed:

Select a software to install - click to enlarge

And you will get a final window confirming that the installation was successful. Click on “Close”.

Select a software to install - click to enlarge

You will be back on the main Synaptic screen which you can close by clicking on the small cross at the top left or by selecting the menu of Synaptic → File → Quit.

Now, your software is ready to be used.

To know in which part of the menu your software is located, go to the top of its dedicated page on this documentation site where this will be indicated as well as the command(s) if you wanted to start it by a command line.

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