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LibraZiK-4 Manual - Synaptic : installing a software


Updating all your software in a single action will be done in 3 steps. They are detailed below.

Please note that LibraZiK benefits from Debian updates as well as updates specific to LibraZiK. For the latter, you can follow the news posts on the blog of the site.

This tutorial was reviewed in December 2019 on LibraZiK-3.


Update the repositories

Launch Synaptic: menu → System → Administration → Synaptic Package Manager. You will be asked for the administration password:

Administration password request - click to enlarge

Enter the password of your administrator account then click on “Reload”:

Reload software lists - click to enlarge

which will download the updates to the software lists available from the servers of software repositories:

Download in progress - click to enlarge

Prepare the update of the software available in the repositories

Click on the “Mark All Upgrades” button:

Request for upgrade - click to enlarge

and a window will ask you to confirm the actions to be performed. Click on the “Mark” button:

Confirmation of upgrade request - click to enlarge

Apply the update

Click on the “Apply” button:

Application of the upgrade - click to enlarge

This will bring up a window that summarizes every change need to be made. This is the last time where you can back out by clicking on the “Cancel” button. If everything looks good, click on the “Apply” button.

General confirmation - click to enlarge

The update is done:

Download upgrades - click to enlarge

Installation of upgrades - click to enlarge

If jackd2 1) is updated, you will be presented with a screen asking if you want to enable real-time management. Check the box and then click on the “Next” button.

And Synaptic warns you that everything is finished and went well:

End - click to enlarge

You will be back on the main Synaptic screen. You can close it by clicking on the small cross in the upper right corner or by selecting the menu of Synaptic → File → Quit.

The update of your system, and all the applications that make it up, is complete. Please note that except for very rare cases such as updating a kernel for example, your software and system are ready to be used right away, without the need to reboot the machine.

To go further

If you want the updates to install automatically, you can look at the unattended-upgrades package.

If you want to have an automatic alert system when there are new updates available, you should look at the package-update-indicator package.

or jackd1
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