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Packages in LibraZiK-4


Here is a list of software packages whose software has (at least) one page of documentation on this site. The software-packages are archives that contain and install one or more software on your system.

Please note that this is a list of packages that install software, not the software themselve. If you are looking for a software or documentation on how to use software, you should go to the software page.

Software packages list

information usual installation available architectures documentation
package name librazik version debian bullseye version 64 bits (“amd64”) 32 bits (“i386”)
6pm 0.9.1+20191026-0librazik2 6PM
a2jmidid 9-2librazik1 9-2 a2jmidid set
abgate 1.1.9-2.1 abGate
action-menu-audio-converter 1.1.0-0librazik1 action-menu-audio-converter
adlibtracker2 2.4.24-1 Adlib Tracker 2
adljack 1.2.0+20211211-0librazik1 adljack - ADLMIDI - adlrt
adlplug 1.0.2+20211211-0librazik1 ADLplug
aeolus 0.9.9-1 Aeolus
aether 1.2.1+20220527-0librazik1 Aether
airwindows-lv2 26.2-0librazik1 LV2 plugins set airwindows-lv2
aliki 0.3.0-5 Aliki
alsa-firmware 1.0.29-0librazik7 alsa-firmware
alsa-firmware-loaders 1.2.2-1 alsa-firmware-loaders
alsamixergui 0.9.0rc2-1-10+b1 alsamixergui
alsa-oss 1.1.8-1 aoss
alsa-tools 1.2.2-1 alsa-tools
alsa-tools-gui 1.2.2-1 alsa-tools-gui
alsa-utils 1.2.4-1 set of utilities alsa-utils
ambdec 0.7.1-1 AmbDec
amb-plugins 0.8.1-7+b1 AMB-plugins
amsynth 1.12.2-1 amSynth
ardour 8.2.0+ds-1librazik1 6.5.0+ds0-1 ardour - ardour8-copy-mixer - ardour8-export - ardour8-new_empty_session - ardour8-new_session
ardour-data 8.2.0+ds-1librazik1 6.5.0+ds0-1 données pour ardour
ardour-lv2-plugins 8.2.0+ds-1librazik1 6.5.0+ds0-1 ensemble de greffons LV2 provenant d'ardour : ACE-plugins
ardour-medias 20241102-0librazik1 medias for ardour and/or other DAW
ardour-video-timeline 8.2.0+ds-1librazik1 6.5.0+ds0-1 ffmpeg_harvid - ffprobe_harvid
arpeggiator.lv2 0.0.0+20230121-0librazik1 arpeggiator.lv2
artyfx 1.3.1-0librazik1 LV2 plugins set ArtyFX
audacity 2.4.2~dfsg0-5librazik1 2.4.2~dfsg0-5 Audacity
audacity-data 2.4.2~dfsg0-5librazik1 2.4.2~dfsg0-5 data for Audacity
autotalent 0.2-6 Autotalent
avldrums.lv2 0.7.2-1librazik1 0.4.2~repack1-1 avldrums.lv2
avldrums.lv2-soundfont 0.7.2-1librazik1 0.4.2~repack1-1 soundfont for avldrums.lv2
awesfx 0.5.2-1 set of utilities awesfx
bambootracker 0.4.6-1 BambooTracker
bamp 0.0+20220101-0librazik1 Bamp
bchoppr 1.10.10-0librazik1 Bchoppr
bespoke 1.1.0-1librazik1 Bespoke
bharvestr 0.0+20220101-0librazik1 Bharvestr
bitmeter 1.2-4 BitMeter
bjumblr 1.6.8-0librazik1 Bjumblr
blow 1.2.0+20230119-0librazik1 B.Low
blop 0.2.8-7 plugins set BLOP in LADSPA format
blop-lv2 1.0.2-0librazik1 plugins set BLOP in LV2 format
bpm-tools 0.3-4 bpm - bpm-graph - bpm-tag
bangr 1.6.0+20220710-0librazik2 B.Angr
boops 1.8.2-0librazik1 B.Oops
bschaffl 1.4.8-0librazik1 B.Schaffl
bsequencer 1.8.10-0librazik1 B.Sequencer
bshapr 0.13-0librazik1 B.Shapr
bsilent 1.4.23-0librazik1 B.Silent
bslizr 1.2.16-0librazik1 B.Slizr
buzztrax 0.10.2-7librazik1 0.10.2-7 BuzzTrax
cadence 0.9.1+20230428-0librazik1 Cadence
cadence-data 0.9.1+20230428-0librazik1 data for the Cadence suite
cadence-tools 0.9.1+20230428-0librazik1 cadence-aloop-daemon - cadence-jackmeter - cadence-jacksettings - cadence-logs - cadence-pulse2jack - cadence-render - cadence-session-start - cadence-xycontroller
calf-plugins 0.90.3+20200619-0librazik1 0.90.3-1+b1 calf-plugins - calfjackhost
caps 0.9.26-1 CAPS plugins set in LADSPA format
caps-lv2 0.0.0+20211220-0librazik1 CAPS plugins set in LV2 format
cardinal 22.12-1librazik2 Cardinal
carla 2.5.2-0librazik2 Carla set
carla-bridge-linux32 2.5.2-0librazik2 bridge to load 32-bit linux plugins for Carla
carla-bridge-linux64 2.5.2-0librazik2 bridge to load 64-bit linux plugins for Carla
carla-bridge-win32 2.5.2-0librazik2 bridge to load 32-bit windows plugins for Carla
carla-bridge-win64 2.5.2-0librazik2 bridge to load 64-bit windows plugins for Carla
carla-bridge-wine32 2.5.2-0librazik2 bridge to load 32-bit windows plugins for Carla
carla-bridge-wine64 2.5.2-0librazik2 bridge to load 64-bit windows plugins for Carla
carla-data 2.5.2-0librazik2 data for the Carla set software
carla-lv2 2.5.2-0librazik2 Carla as a LV2 plugin
carla-vst 2.5.2-0librazik2 Carla as a VST plugin
catarina 0.9.1+20230428-0librazik1 Catarina
catia 0.9.1+20230428-0librazik1 Catia
chordv 1.0+20200527-0librazik1 ChordV
chowmatrix 1.3.0+20220220-0librazik1 ChowMatrix
cmt 1.18-1librazik1 1.16-2+b1 CMT plugins set in LADSPA format
delayarchitect 0.0.0+20230117-0librazik1 DelayArchitect
denemo 2.5.0-1 Denemo
denemo-data 2.5.0-1 denemo_file_update and data for Denemo
denemo-doc 2.5.0-1 documentation for Denemo
dg-drumkit-sommerhack-kit 4 drumkit for drumgizmo
dgedit 0.10.0-1+b1 dgedit
din 5.2.1-6 DIN
distrho-lv2 20200322-0librazik3 plugins set Distrho-LV2
dpf-plugins 1.3+20191024-0librazik3 plugins set dpf-plugins
dragonfly-reverb 3.2.8+20221230-1librazik2 reverberation plugins set dragonfly-reverb - all formats
dragonfly-reverb-clap 3.2.8+20221230-1librazik2 reverberation plugins set dragonfly-reverb - CLAP format
dragonfly-reverb-lv2 3.2.8+20221230-1librazik2 reverberation plugins set dragonfly-reverb - LV2 format
dragonfly-reverb-standalone 3.2.8+20221230-1librazik2 reverberation plugins set dragonfly-reverb - JACK format
dragonfly-reverb-vst 3.2.8+20221230-1librazik2 reverberation plugins set dragonfly-reverb - VST format
dragonfly-reverb-vst3 3.2.8+20221230-1librazik2 reverberation plugins set dragonfly-reverb - VST3 format
drc 3.2.3~dfsg0-1 DRC - lsconv - glsweep
drumgizmo 0.9.20-1librazik1 0.9.19-1 drumgizmo
drumkv1 0.9.20-1 drumkv1
drumkv1-common 0.9.20-1 common files for drumkv1
drumkv1-lv2 0.9.20-1 drumkv1 as a LV2 plugin
drumrox 3.2.1-0librazik1 Drumrox
drumstick-tools 1.1.3-1+b2 drumstick-dumpgrid - drumstick-dumpmid - drumstick-dumpove - drumstick-dumpsmf - drumstick-dumpwrk - drumstick-guiplayer - drumstick-metronome - drumstick-playsmf - drumstick-sysinfo - drumstick-vpiano
dssi-host-jack 1.1.1~dfsg0-5 jack-dssi-host
dssi-utils 1.1.1~dfsg0-5 set of utilities dssi-utils
easytag 2.4.3-4 EasyTAG
ebumeter 0.4.2-2 Ebumeter - ebur128
ebumeter-doc 0.4.2-2 documentation for Ebumeter
elektroid 1.3.2 Elektroid
emutrix 0.3.1+20190908-0librazik3 Emutrix
ensemble-chorus 0.0.0+20211218-0librazik1 Ensemble-Chorus
eq10q 2.2~repack0-4 EQ10Q-plugins
etktab 3.2-14librazik1 3.2-13 eTktab
fabla 1.3.2+20220130-0librazik1 Fabla
fabla2 0.0.0+20220517-0librazik1 Fabla2
fasttracker2 1.41+ds-1 1) FastTracker2
faust 2.30.5~ds0-2 audio software development framework
faust-common 2.30.5~ds0-2 audio software development framework
ffado-dbus-server 2.4.4-1 ffado-dbus-server
ffado-mixer-qt4 2.4.4-1 ffado-mixer
ffado-tools 2.4.4-1 set of utilities ffado-tools
fil-plugins 0.3.0-6+b1 4-band parametric filter (FIL)
firmware-misc-nonfree 20210315-3 firmware-misc-nonfree
fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont 2.315-7 see this paragraph
fluid-soundfont-gm 3.1-5.2 see this paragraph
fluid-soundfont-gs 3.1-5.2 see this paragraph
fluidsynth 2.1.7-1.1 soundfont synthetiser in SF2 format and in SF3 format
fluidsynth-dssi 1.0.0-8librazik1 1.0.0-8 fluidsynth-dssi
fmit 1.2.13-0librazik3 1.2.6-0.2+b1 FMIT
fogpad-port 1.0.0+20200907-0librazik2 reverberation FogPad
foo-yc20 1.3.0-6+lzk1-librazik5 1.3.0-6+b1 Foo-YC20
freemajor 1.0-0librazik2 FreeMajor
freewheeling 0.6.6-0librazik2 0.6.4-1.1 Freewheeling
frescobaldi 3.1.3+ds1-1 Frescobaldi
fverb 0.0.0+20211217-0librazik1 fverb
fxload 0.0.20081013-1+b2 fxload
gdigi 1:0.4.0+20210915-0librazik1 0.4.0-1.1 gdigi
geonkick 2.7.3-0librazik2 GeonKick
ghostess 20120105-1+b2 ghostess
giada Giada
gigedit 1.1.1-1 Gigedit
gig-uiems 1-0librazik4 see this paragraph
gir1.2-ganv-1.0 1.8.0-1 library for ganv
gjacktransport 0.6.4-1librazik2 0.6.4-1 gjackclock - gjacktransport
gmidimonitor 3.6+dfsg0-4 gmidimonitor
gninjam 0.1.2+20200902-0librazik2 Gninjam
goattracker 2.75-3 GoatTracker
gscanbus 0.8-2+b1 gscanbus
gtick 0.5.5-2 gtick
guitarix 0.42.1+dfsg1-3librazik1 0.42.1+dfsg1-2 Guitarix
guitarix-ladspa 0.42.1+dfsg1-3librazik1 0.42.1+dfsg1-2 guitarix-plugins-ladspa
guitarix-lv2 0.42.1+dfsg1-3librazik1 0.42.1+dfsg1-2 guitarix-plugins-lv2
gwc 0.22.04-1.1 Gtk Wave Cleaner
gx4bandeq.lv2 0.0.0+20210114-0librazik2 Gx4BandEQ
gxcabsim.lv2 0.0.0+20201229-0librazik2 GxCabSim
gxdenoiser2.lv2 0.1+20201228-0librazik2 GxDenoiser2
gxdistortionplus.lv2 0.0.0+20201226-0librazik2 GxDistortionPlus
gxfenderizer.lv2 0.0.0+20210114-0librazik2 GxFenderizer
gxmatcheq.lv2 0.1+20210120-0librazik2 GxMatchEQ
gxosmutantes.lv2 0.0.0+20210101-0librazik2 GxOsMutantes
gxoverdriver.lv2 0.0.0+20210101-0librazik2 GxOverdriver
gxplugins-lv2 0.9-0librazik2 plugins set gxplugins-lv2
gxpushpull.lv2 0.0.0+20210102-0librazik2 GxPushPull
gxreversedelay.lv2 0.0.0+20210120-0librazik2 GxReverseDelay
gxswitchlesswah.lv2 0.0.0+20201231-0librazik2 GxSwitchlessWah
gxtonemender.lv2 0.0.0+20210102-0librazik2 GxTonemender
gxtuner 3.0+20191022-0librazik2 3.0-2 GxTuner
gxzoom.lv2 0.0.0+20201231-0librazik2 GxZoom
handbrake 1.3.1+ds1-2+b3 HandBrake
harmonizer-lv2 0.0.0+20191116-0librazik2 Harmonizer
harvid 0.8.3-2 harvid
helm 0.9.0+20211202-0librazik1 Helm
hexter 1.1.1-1librazik1 1.1.1-1 Hexter
hexter-syx-dx7-banks 20160806-0librazik4 presets for Hexter
hivelytracker 0+git20180223-4 Hively Tracker
horgand 1.14+20191130-0librazik3 1.14-7.1 Horgand
horgand-data 1.14+20191130-0librazik3 1.14-7.1 data for Horgand
hybridreverb2 2.1.2+20211219-0librazik1 HybridReverb2
hybridreverb2-impulse-response-database 1.0.0-0librazik4 impulse response set for HybridReverb2
hydrogen 1.2.2-0librazik1 1.0.1-3 hydrogen - h2cli - h2player
hydrogen-data 1.2.2-0librazik1 1.0.1-3 data for hydrogen
hydrogen-doc 1.2.2-0librazik1 1.0.1-3 documentation for hydrogen
hydrogen-drumkits 2017.09.19~dfsg-1 several drumkits for hydrogen
hydrogen-drumkits-effects 2017.09.19~dfsg-1 one kit 2) for hydrogen
hydrogen-patterns 0.0.0+20210108-0librazik2 drum patterns for hydrogen
iconnconfig 0.2+20190927-0librazik2 iConnConfig
impro-visor 10.2-1librazik2 Impro-Visor
infamous-plugins 0.3.0-0librazik4 plugins set infamous-plugins
invada-studio-plugins-ladspa 0.3.1-5 invada-studio-plugins-ladspa plugins set
invada-studio-plugins-lv2 1.2.0+repack0-8 invada-studio-plugins-lv2 plugins set
ir-data 20150720-0librazik4 impulse response set
ir.lv2 1.3.4~dfsg0-3librazik1 1.3.4~dfsg0-3 3) ir.lv2 - convert4chan
ir.lv2-1.2 1.2.4+20201130-0librazik2 4) ir.lv2 - convert4chan
jaaa 0.9.2-1 Jaaa
jack-capture 0.9.73+20211221-0librazik1 0.9.73-3 jack_capture - jack_capture_gui
jackd1 0.125.0+20211204-3librazik1 0.125.0-3+b1 jackd1
jackd1-firewire 0.125.0+20211204-3librazik1 0.125.0-3+b1 jackd1-firewire
jackd2 1.9.19~dfsg-2librazik1 1.9.17~dfsg-1 jackd2
jackd2-firewire 1.9.19~dfsg-2librazik1 1.9.17~dfsg-1 jackd2-firewire
jack-keyboard 2.7.2-1 JACK Keyboard
jack-midi-clock 0.4.3-1+b1 jack_midi_clock - jack_mclk_dump
jack-mixer 17-2librazik1 jack-mixer
jalv 1.6.6-1librazik1 1.6.6-1 jalv - jalv.gtk - jalv.gtk3 - jalv.qt5 2:1.3+20210926-0librazik1
jamin 0.98.9~git20170111~199091~repack1-1.1 JAMin
jamin-presets 6.0-0librazik3 presets for JAMin
jamulus 3.10.0-0librazik1 3.6.2+dfsg1-3 Jamulus
jamulus-headless 3.10.0-0librazik1 3.6.2+dfsg1-3 “server” configuration for Jamulus
japa 0.9.2-1 Japa
jconvolver 1.0.3-2 Jconvolver - Fconvolver - makemulti
jconvolver-config-files 1.0.3-2 Jconvolver-config-files
jkmeter 0.8.0-1 jkmeter
jmeters 0.4.5-1 jmeters
jnoise 0.6.0-6 jnoise
jnoisemeter 0.2.2-1 jnoisemeter
joepvanlier-jsfx 20211212-0librazik1 ensemble de greffons joepvanlier-jsfx
juce 5.4.7~ds0-2 cadriciel développement de greffons
juce-tools 5.4.7~ds0-2 plugins development framework
juce-modules-source 5.4.7~ds0-2 plugins development framework
juice-plugins 0.0.0+20220527-0librazik1 ensemble de greffons juice-plugins
kapitonov-plugins-pack 1.2.1+20211226-0librazik1 plugins set kapitonov-plugins-pack
kdenlive 20.12.3-1 Kdenlive - kdenlive_render
kdenlive-data 20.12.3-1 data for Kdenlive
klick 0.12.2-4 klick
kmeter 2.8.1-0librazik3 K-meter
klystrack 1.7.6+20191119-0librazik2 0.20171212-5 Klystrack
ladspa-sdk 1.15-2 LADSPA-SDK set
lakai 0.1-2+b1 lakbak - lakclear - lakres
lame 3.100-3 lame
ld10k1 1.2.2-1 ld10k1
lebiniou 3.54.1-1 Le Biniou
lebiniou-data 3.54.1-1 data for Le Biniou
libclthreads2 2.4.2-1 C++ access library to POSIX threads
libclthreads-dev 2.4.2-1 development library for clthreads
libclxclient3 3.9.2-1 C++ access library to the X windowing system
libclxclient-dev 3.9.2-1 development library for clxclient
libfaust2 2.30.5~ds0-2 audio software development framework
libffado2 2.4.4-1 ffado-debug - see also libffado2
libffado-dev 2.4.4-1 libffado-dev
libfluidsynth1 1.1.11-1 library for fluidsynth 1.x serie
libfluidsynth2 2.1.7-1.1 library for fluidsynth 2.x serie
libfluidsynth-dev 2.1.7-1.1 fluidsynth development library
libganv-1-1 1.8.0-1 library for ganv
libganv-dev 1.8.0-1 development library for ganv
libgig-dev 4.2.0~ds1-2 development files for libgig
libinstpatch-1.0-2 1.1.6-1 MIDI instrument editing library
libjack0 0.125.0+20211204-3librazik1 0.125.0-3+b1 libjack0
libjack-dev 0.125.0+20211204-3librazik1 0.125.0-3+b1 libjack-dev
libjack-jackd2-0 1.9.19~dfsg-2librazik1 1.9.17~dfsg-1 libjack-jackd2-0
liblilv-0-0 0.24.12-2 shard library for lilv
liblilv-dev 0.24.12-2 development library for lilv
liblo10k1-0 1.2.2-1 liblo10k1-0
liblo10k1-dev 1.2.2-1 liblo10k1-dev
libntk-images1 0.0+20210926-0librazik1 graphic library
libntk1 0.0+20210926-0librazik1 graphic library
libntk1-dev 0.0+20210926-0librazik1 graphic library
librazik-apt 4.01 librazik-apt
librazik-apt-fr 4.01 librazik-apt-fr
librazik-banquesdeson-all 4 librazik-banquesdeson-all
librazik-base-all 4.01 librazik-base-all
librazik-base-banquesdeson 4.01 librazik-base-banquesdeson
librazik-base-bureau 4.02 librazik-base-bureau
librazik-base-logicielsaudio 4.09 librazik-base-logicielsaudio
librazik-base-systeme 4.04 librazik-base-systeme
librazik-base-systemeaudiomidi 4.01 librazik-base-systemeaudiomidi
librazik-donate-tip 4.03 librazik-donate-tip
librazik-gig-all 4 librazik-gig-all
librazik-keyring 4 librazik-keyring
librazik-logiciels-all 4.04 librazik-logiciels-all
librazik-mate-all 4.01 librazik-mate-all
librazik-mate-config 4.01 librazik-mate-config
librazik-menu 4.08 librazik-menu
librazik-optimisations-all 4.01 librazik-optimisations-all
librazik-optimisations-governor 4.01 librazik-optimisations-governor
librazik-optimisations-modules 4.01 librazik-optimisations-modules
librazik-optimisations-pluginspaths 4.02 librazik-optimisations-pluginspaths
librazik-optimisations-pulse 4.01 librazik-optimisations-pulse
librazik-optimisations-rtirq 4.01 librazik-optimisations-rtirq
librazik-optimisations-screensaver 4.01 librazik-optimisations-screensaver
librazik-optimisations-swap 4.01 librazik-optimisations-swap
librazik-optimisations-timers 4.01 librazik-optimisations-timers
librazik-sf2-all 4 librazik-sf2-all
librazik-sf3-all 4 librazik-sf3-all
librazik-sfz-all 4 librazik-sfz-all
librazik-theme-all 4.01 librazik-theme-all
librazik-theme-grub 4.01 librazik-theme-grub
librazik-theme-icons 4.01 librazik-theme-icons
librazik-theme-librazik 4.01 librazik-theme-librazik
librazik-theme-lightdm 4.01 librazik-theme-lightdm
librazik-theme-qt5 4.01 librazik-theme-qt5
librazik-theme-wallpaper 4.01 librazik-theme-wallpaper
libserd-0-0 0.30.10-2 lightweight RDF syntax library
libserd-dev 0.30.10-2 development library for serd
libserd-doc 0.30.10-2 documentation for serd
libsord-0-0 0.16.8-2 library for storing RDF data in memory
libsord-dev 0.16.8-2 development library for sord
libsord-doc 0.16.8-2 documentation for sord
libsratom-0-0 0.6.8-1 library for serializing LV2 atoms to/from Turtle
libsratom-dev 0.6.8-1 development library for sratom
libsuil-0-0 0.10.10-1 library for loading and packaging LV2 plugin GUIs
libsuil-dev 0.10.10-1 development library for suil
libzita-convolver4 4.0.3-2 provides a C++ library implementing a real-time convolution matrix
libzix-0-0 0.4.2-2librazik1 lightweight C99 portability and data structure library
libzix-dev 0.4.2-2librazik1 lightweight C99 portability and data structure library (dev)
lilv-utils 0.24.12-2 set of utilities : lilv-utils
lilypond 2.22.0-10 lilypond set
lilypond-data 2.22.0-10 data for lilypond
lilypond-doc 2.22.0-10 documentation for lilypond
lilypond-doc-html 2.22.0-10 documentation for lilypond
lilypond-doc-html-fr 2.22.0-10 french documentation for lilypond
lilypond-doc-pdf 2.22.0-10 PDF documentation for lilypond
lilypond-doc-pdf-fr 2.22.0-10 french PDF documentation for lilypond
lingot 1.1.1-2 lingot
linux-show-player 0.5.2-1 linux-show-player
lmms 1.2.2-0librazik4 1.2.2+dfsg1-2 LMMS
lmms-common 1.2.2-0librazik4 1.2.2+dfsg1-2 data for LMMS
lmms-vst-server 1.2.2-0librazik4 1.2.2+dfsg1-2 use of VST in LMMS 5)
lpd8editor 0.0.15-0librazik1 lpd8editor
lsp-plugins 1.1.31-3librazik1 1.1.29-1 LSP-plugins plugins set (all formats)
lsp-plugins-jack 1.1.31-3librazik1 1.1.29-1 LSP-plugins plugins set (JACK format)
lsp-plugins-ladspa 1.1.31-3librazik1 1.1.29-1 LSP-plugins plugins set (LADSPA format)
lsp-plugins-lv2 1.1.31-3librazik1 1.1.29-1 LSP-plugins plugins set (LV2 format)
lsp-plugins-vst 1.1.31-3librazik1 1.1.29-1 LSP-plugins plugins set (VST format)
luppp 1.2.1-0librazik3 Luppp
lv2-c++-tools 1.0.5-4+b2 provides utilities and libraries for developers of LV2 format plugins
lv2-dev 1.18.2-1 provides specifications, official extensions, lv2specgen, and additional data, useful for developers of LV2 plugins
lv2-examples 1.18.2-1 examples of plugins in LV2 format
lv2file 0.84-1 lv2file
lv2proc 0.5.1-1 lv2proc
lv2vocoder 1-6 LV2Vocoder
madfuload 1.2-4.2 provides firmware - see the madfuload page
mamba 2.3+20210618-0librazik2 mamba
master_me 1.1.0+20230102-0librazik1 master me
mcpdisp 0.1.2-0librazik2 MCPdisp
mcp-plugins 0.4.0-6 MCP-plugins
mda-lv2 1.2.6-1 plugins set MDA-LV2
melmatcheq.lv2 0.1+20210120-0librazik2 MelMatchEQ
metaltone.lv2 0.1+20220625-0librazik1 MetalTone.lv2
meterbridge 0.9.2-13+b1librazik4 0.9.2-13+b1 meterbridge
mhwaveedit 1.4.24-1 mhWaveEdit
microdude 2.1-0librazik2 MicroDude
midisport-firmware 1.2-4 provides firmware - see the midisport-firmware page
milkytracker 1.03.00+dfsg-1 MilkyTracker
minicomputer 1.41+20191012-0librazik2 minicomputer
mixxx 2.2.4~dfsg-1 Mixxx
mixxx-data 2.2.4~dfsg-1 data for Mixxx
mma 20.12-2 improves Solfege
mod-pitchshifter 0.0.0+20200924-0librazik2 LV2 plugins set mod-pitchshifter
monique-monosynth 1.1+20220101-0librazik1 Monique Monosynth
mpk-m2-editor 0.0.0+20201105-0librazik2 MPK-M2-editor
mrfreeze 0.1+20230519 plugin Mr. Freeze in LV2 format
mudita24 1.0.3+svn13-7 Mudita24
muse 4.2.1-1librazik1 3.1.1-1 Muse - muse-song-convert - grepmidi
musescore-general-soundfont 0.2-3 soundfont in SF3 format
musescore-general-soundfont-small 0.2-2 soundfont in SF3 format
musescore-general-soundfont-lossless 0.2-3 soundfont in SF3 format
musescore3 3.2.3+dfsg2-11 MuseScore
musescore3-common 3.2.3+dfsg2-11 data for MuseScore
mustang-plug 1.2-3+b1 Plug
new-session-manager 1.4.0+20200927-0librazik2 Non Session Manager - JackPatch - nsm-legacy-gui - nsm-proxy - nsm-proxy-gui - nsmd
ninjam-client 0.7.1+20200901-0librazik2 cninjam
ninjas2 0.2+20220104-0librazik2 Ninjas2
noise-repellent 0.1.5+20211231-0librazik2 noise-repellent
non 1.2.0+20211221-0librazik1 NON suite
non-mixer 1.2.0+20211221-0librazik1 Non Mixer - non-midi-mapper - non-mixer-noui
non-sequencer 1.9.5+20211221-0librazik1 Non Sequencer
non-session-manager 1.4.0+20200927-0librazik2 see new-session-manager
non-timeline 1.2.0+20211221-0librazik1 Non Timeline - import-ardour-session - import-ardour-session_gui - non-daw
ntk-fluid 0.0+20210926-0librazik1 graphic library
obs-studio 26.1.2+dfsg1-2 OBS Studio
odin2 2.2.4+20201026~repack-0librazik3 Odin2
opl3bankeditor 1.5.1-0librazik2 OPL3 bank editor
opn2bankeditor 1.3-0librazik2 OPN2 bank editor
opnplug 1.0.2+20211211-0librazik1 OPNplug
padthv1 0.9.20-1 padthv1
padthv1-common 0.9.20-1 common files for padthv1
padthv1-lv2 0.9.20-1 padthv1 as a LV2 plugin
patchance 1.0.0-0librazik1 Patchance
paulstretch 2.2-2+20191111-0librazik2 2.2-2-4.1 Paulstretch
phasex 0.14.97-3 Phasex
pianobooster 1.0.0-2 Piano Booster
pitivi 2020.09.2-3 pitivi
playitslowly 1.5.1+20191115-0librazik2 1.5.0-1.1 PlayItSlowly
plujain-channelb 1.1.1+20191015-0librazik2 plujain-channelb
plujain-ramp 1.1.3-0librazik4 Plujain-Ramp and Plujain-Ramp Live
polyphone Polyphone
protracker 2.b37+really1.27+ds-1 Protracker
pulseaudio-module-jack 14.2-2 configuration to make it work together PulseAudio and JACK
puredata 0.51.4-1 pure-data
puredata-gui 0.51.4-1 graphical interface for pure-data
puredata-gui-l10n 0.51.4-1 translation for the graphical interface of pure-data
pybristol 1.0.33-1librazik1 pyBristol
qdictionnaire 4.0+20191021-0librazik2 Qdictionnaire
qjackctl 0.9.4-1librazik1 0.9.1-1 QjackCtl
qjackrcd 1.2.3-0librazik3 1.2.0-2+b1 QJackRcd
qlcplus 4.12.3-3 QLCplus - qlcplus-fixtureeditor
qlcplus-data 4.12.3-3 data for QLCplus
qmidiarp 0.6.5+20211221-0librazik1 0.6.5-3 QMidiArp
qmidictl 0.9.4-0librazik1 Qmidictl
qmidinet 0.9.1-1 Qmidinet
qmidiroute 0.4.0+lzk-1librazik4 0.4.0-1+b2 QMidiRoute
qrest 0.6.0+20211231-0librazik1 Qrest
qsampler 0.9.1-1 Qsampler
qsynth 0.9.1librazik1 0.9.1-1 Qsynth
qtractor 0.9.39-0librazik1 0.9.20-1 Qtractor - qtractor_vst_scan
quadrafuzz 0.1.0+20191017-0librazik2 quadrafuzz
qxgedit 0.9.4-2librazik1 0.9.1-1 QXGEdit
radium-compressor 0.5.1+20190909-2-0librazik3 0.5.1+git20190909-1+b1 Radium-compressor
rakarrack 0.6.1-5+b1librazik3 0.6.1-5+b1 Rakarrack - rakconvert - rakgit2new - rakverb - rakverb2
rakarrack-plus 1.2.1-0librazik2 Rakarrack-Plus
ratatouille 0.0.0+20240420-0librazik1 Ratatouille as a LV2 plugin
raysession 0.14.3-0librazik1 RaySession
redkite 1.3.0-0librazik2 development kit for LV2 format plugin
regrader-port 1.0.0-0librazik2 regrader-port
rejj-jsfx 20211212-0librazik1 ensemble de greffons rejj-jsfx
rev-plugins 0.7.1-3+b1 zita-reverb (REV) - zita-reverb-amb (REV)
rezonateur 0.1.0+20211218-0librazik1 rézonateur
rkrlv2 0.0.0+20191016~beta3-0librazik2 plugins set rkrlv2
robtk 0.8.4-2librazik1 development kit for LV2 format plugin
rosegarden 1:20.12-1 Rosegarden
rtirq-init 20190129-0librazik2 20150216-2.1 rtirq
samplv1 0.9.20-1 samplv1
samplv1-common 0.9.20-1 commons files forsamplv1
samplv1-lv2 0.9.20-1 samplv1 as a LV2 plugin
schism 1:20200412-1 Schism
scorchcrafter 0.0.5+20220702-0librazik1 scorchcrafter
seq24 0.9.3-2librazik2 0.9.3-2 seq24
serdi 0.30.10-2 serdi utility
setbfree 0.8.11-1 setBfree set
sf3convert 20180325-1+b1 sf3convert
sfarkxtc 0~20181208git4ed577d-1 sfarkxtc
sfizz 1.1.1-0librazik1 SFZ soundfont player sfizz
sf2-librazik 0-0librazik3 see this paragraph
sf2-uiems 0-0librazik3 see this paragraph
sfz-avldrumkits 1.1-0librazik3 see this paragraph
sfz-librazik 4.01 see this paragraph
sfz-nobudgetorchestra 2-0librazik2 see this paragraph
showq 0.4.1+git20200907-1 ShowQ
shruthi-editor 1.03+20190313-0librazik4 Shruthi-Editor
sickbeatbetty 1.0.3+20230211-0librazik1 Sick Beat Betty
simplescreenrecorder 0.4.2-2+b1 Simple Screen Recorder - ssr-glinject
smplayer 20.06.0~ds0-1 SMplayer
smtube 18.3.0-1 SMtube
solfege 3.23.4-11librazik1 3.23.4-11 GNU Solfege
solfege-doc 3.23.4-11librazik1 3.23.4-11 documentation for GNU Solfege
songwrite 3-0.1-3 Songwrite
sonic-pi 3.2.2~repack-7 Sonic Pi
sonic-visualiser 4.2-1 Sonic-Visualiser
sooperlooper 1.7.6~dfsg0-1 SooperLooper
sorcer 1.1.3+20220517-0librazik1 Sorcer
sordi 0.16.8-2 sordi utility
soundconverter 4.0.0-1 SoundConverter
spectacle-analyzer 2.0+20211218-0librazik1 Spectacle
squeezer 2.5.3-0librazik2 Squeezer
ste-plugins 0.0.2-6 STE-plugins
stochas 1.3.9-0librazik1 Stochas
stone-phaser 0.1.2+20200513-0librazik2 Stone Phaser
stops 0.3.0-3 presets and data for Aeolus
stretchplayer 0.503-4+b1 StretchPlayer
string-machine 0.1.0+20200908-0librazik2 String Machine - String Machine Chorus
supercollider 3.11.2+repack-1 SuperCollider
surge 1.9.0-0librazik2 Surge
swami 2.2.2-1 Swami
swh-lv2 1.0.16+git20160519~repack0-3+b1 swh-plugins LV2 plugins set
swh-plugins 0.4.17-2 swh-plugins LADSPA plugins set
synthv1 0.9.20-1 synthv1
synthv1-common 0.9.20-1 common files for synthv1
synthv1-lv2 0.9.20-1 synthv1 as a LV2 plugins
sysexxer-ng 1.0+20210914-0librazik1 Sysexxer-NG
tamgamp.lv2 0.0.0+20211225-0librazik1 LV2 plugins set tamgamp.lv2
tap-lv2 0.0.0+20191017-0librazik2 TAP plugins set in LV2 format
tap-plugins 1.0.1-0librazik3 1.0.0-1 TAP plugins set in LADSPA format
tetraproc tetraproc - tetrafile
tiatracker 1.3-3 TIATracker
timemachine 0.3.3-2.1+b1 Timemachine
timgm6mb-soundfont 1.3-5 see this paragraph
trakmeter 2.4.6-0librazik3 traKmeter
traverso 0.49.6-1+b1librazik1 0.49.6-1+b1 Traverso
tunefish-lv2 4.2.0+20211219-0librazik1 TuneFish4
tutka 1.1.3-2.1 Tutka
tuxguitar 1.5.6+dfsg1-8librazik1 1.2-25 TuxGuitar
tuxguitar-alsa 1.5.6+dfsg1-8librazik1 1.2-25 TuxGuitar
tuxguitar-fluidsynth 1.5.6+dfsg1-8librazik1 1.2-25 TuxGuitar
tuxguitar-jack 1.5.6+dfsg1-8librazik1 1.2-25 TuxGuitar
tuxguitar-jsa 1.5.6+dfsg1-8librazik1 1.2-25 TuxGuitar
tuxguitar-oss 1.5.6+dfsg1-8librazik1 1.2-25 TuxGuitar
tuxguitar-synth-lv2 1.5.6+dfsg1-8librazik1 TuxGuitar
vamp-plugin-sdk 2.10.0-1 provides C and C++ header files for developing plugin host and VAMP plugin software, as well as source code for example plugins, and a simple host
vcvrack 0.3.0+20170909-1librazik4 VcvRack
vco-plugins 0.3.0-5+b1 Pulse-VCO - Rec-VCO - Saw-VCO
vkeybd 0.1.18d+lzk-3librazik3 0.1.18d-3 vkeybd - sftovkb
vl1-emulator VL1
vlc 3.0.16-1 VLC
vlc-plugin-jack 3.0.16-1 JACK module for VLC
vmpk 0.7.2-1+b1 VMPK
vocproc 0.2.1-2+b1 VocProc
vst3-sdk 3.6.14-0librazik2 development kit for VST3
wah-plugins 0.1.0-5 Wah-plugins
whysynth 20200519-0librazik1 20170701-2 Whysynth
whysynth-presets-librazik 1-0librazik4 kenrestivo patches for Whysynth
wine32 5.0.3-3 Wine emulator - 32 bit version
wine64 5.0.3-3 Wine emulator - 64 bit version
wolf-shaper 1.0.0-0librazik1 Wolf Shaper
x42-gmsynth.lv2 0.5.0-0librazik2 gmSynth
x42-plugins 20210114-1 x42-plugins
xcfa 5.0.2-1.1 XCFA - xcfa_cli
xjadeo 0.8.9-1 Xjadeo - Qjadeo - xjremote
xplugs-lv2 0.0.0+20220606-0librazik3 XPlugs-lv2 plugins set
xsynth-dssi 0.9.4-4librazik2 0.9.4-4 Xsynth
xtuner 1.0+20201006-0librazik2 XTuner
ykchorus 0.2.2+20191025-0librazik2 YK Chorus
yoshimi 1.7.4~dfsg0-1 Yoshimi
yoshimi-data 1.7.4~dfsg0-1 data for Yoshimi
yoshimi-doc 1.7.4~dfsg0-1 documentation for Yoshimi
ysfx 0.0.0+20240401-0librazik1 ysfx
zam-plugins 4.1-1librazik2 3.14~repack3-1 Zam-Plugins set
zita-ajbridge 0.8.4-1 zita-a2j - zita-j2a
zita-alsa-pcmi-utils 0.3.2-2 alsa_delay - alsa_loopback
zita-at1 0.6.2-2 zita-AT1
zita-bls1 0.3.3-3 zita-BLS1
zita-dpl1 0.3.3-1+b1 zita-DPL1
zita-lrx 0.1.2-1 zita-lrx
zita-mu1 0.3.3-2 zita-MU1
zita-njbridge 0.4.4-1 zita-j2n - zita-n2j
zita-resampler1 1.8.0-2 zita-resampler - zita-retune
zita-rev1 0.2.2-2 zita-REV1
zynaddsubfx 3.0.5-2 ZynAddSubFX - zynaddsubfx-ext-gui
zynaddsubfx-data 3.0.5-2 data for ZynAddSubFX
zynaddsubfx-dssi 3.0.5-2 ZynAddSubFX as a DSSI plugin
zynaddsubfx-lv2 3.0.5-2 LV2 plugins from ZynAddSubFX : ZynAlienWah - ZynChorus - ZynDistortion - ZynDynamicFilter - ZynEcho - ZynPhaser - ZynReverb
zynaddsubfx-vst 3.0.5-2 VST plugins from ZynAddSubFX : ZynAlienWah - ZynChorus - ZynDistortion - ZynDynamicFilter - ZynEcho - ZynPhaser - ZynReverb
zytrax 0+git20201215-1librazik1 0+git20201215-1 ZyTrax

Additional packages

The following packages are provided by Debian which offer audio production software that can be easily incorporated into LibraZiK. Due to the high quality of the software present in Debian, these should all work although they have not yet been verified by LibraZiK.

  • (search “music”) : abcmidi ableton-link-utils cecilia cheesecuter chordii gsequencer gsequencer-doc iem-plugin-suite-standalone kmetronome mma nted nyquist playmidi pmw projectm-jack soundstretch taopm
  • (search “audio”) : aj-snapshot alsaplayer-alsa alsaplayer-jack asunder audiofile-tools audiotools bristol bs1770gain bs2b-ladspa chuck darkice dbmix ecasound ecasound-doc ecatools fische fomp gigtools gramofile iem-plugin-suite-vst jack-stdio jack-tools jackmeter jacktrip kwave nama normalize-audio pavucontrol pavumeter rubberband-cli rubberband-ladspa rubberband-vamp silentjack soundgrain soundscaperenderer sweep tap-plugins-doc terminatorx vlevel xwax
  • (search “ladspa”) : ams blepvco naspro-bridges omins
  • (search “lv2”) : so-synth-lv2
  • (search “dssi”) : wsynth-dssi
  • (search “jack”) : jack-delay kluppe midisnoop
  • (search “midi”) : aconnectgui aseqjoy midge midish opl3-soundfont pmidi smf-utils tk707 wildmidi
  • (others) : qspeakers icecast2 taptempo iannix meterec exfalso brp-pacu gnome-sound-recorder wavbreaker xmix xoscope rotter csladspa aubio-tools audacious brasero brutefir darksnow ecasound-el faustworks freebirth gtkguitune gtkwave isrcsubmit jcadencii libaudio-ecasound-perl libsox-fmt-all libvamp-hostsdk3v5 libvamp-sdk2v5 lives parole projectm-pulseaudio python3-pyo qasconfig qashctl qasmixer quisk ruby-ecasound silan snd-doc snd-gtk-jack sonic sox timidity tse3play vamp-examples vamp-plugin-sdk-doc vorbis-tools wavesurfer libasound2-plugin-equal picard guvcview
If you have problems with one of these programs, come and tell us about it.

Below are lists of specific software for specific needs. If you have never heard of them, you don't need them and you don't need to install them.

  • csound tools installation:
su -c "apt-get install csound csound-data csound-doc csoundqt csound-utils libcsound64-6.0 libecasoundc1v5 python3-csound libcsnd6-6.0v5 libcsnd6-java"
  • GEM tools installation:
su -c "apt-get install gem gem-extra gem-plugin-dc1394 gem-plugin-dv4l gem-plugin-gmerlin gem-plugin-jpeg gem-plugin-lqt gem-plugin-magick gem-plugin-sgi gem-plugin-tiff gem-plugin-unicap gem-plugin-v4l2"
  • puredata tools installation:
su -c "apt-get install pd-jsusfx puredata-core puredata-dev puredata-doc puredata-extra puredata-import puredata-utils pd-3dp pd-arraysize pd-bassemu pd-beatpipe pd-boids pd-bsaylor pd-chaos pd-comport pd-csound pd-cxc pd-cyclone pd-earplug pd-ekext pd-ext13 pd-fftease pd-flite pd-ggee pd-hcs pd-hid pd-iemambi pd-iemlib pd-iemmatrix pd-iemnet pd-jmmmp pd-libdir pd-list-abs pd-lua pd-lyonpotpourri pd-mapping pd-markex pd-maxlib pd-mjlib pd-moonlib pd-motex pd-osc pd-pan pd-pddp pd-pdogg pd-pdp pd-pdstring pd-plugin pd-pmpd pd-purepd pd-readanysf pd-scaf pd-sigpack pd-smlib pd-unauthorized pd-vbap pd-wiimote pd-windowing pd-zexy"


to check: the naspro-bridges package is known to cause system crashes. Please do not install it. See 822.
coming from non-free
not really a drum kit, but rather interesting sounds for the curious
3) , 4)
you can install either ir.lv2 or ir.lv2-1.2, but not both at the same time
required only for 32-bit system
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