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LibraZiK news - January 2021

Hello LibraZiK-ies.

When I wrote last month's monthly report post, I had planned to finalize the entry as well as updates of several software and plug-ins designed for guitarists. It's done now and we'll see it in more details in this post.

splash.png, may 2020

Contrary to previous times when they were lower in the post, here are some tracks made with LibraZiK that I heard about this month. By putting them here, you will be able to read this monthly post while listening to these musics:

New software:

A lot of new software have entered LibraZiK-3 over the past month, including Odin2, a complete modular synthesizer, supplied with lots of presets (thanks to @r1 for the tests help).


In addition, there are many new software coming from Hermann Meyer (Guitarix's main developer among others): GxMatchEQ, MelMatchEQ, GxReverseDelay, GxDistortionPlus, GxDenoiser2, GxFenderizer, GxCabSim, Gx4BandEQ, GxZoom, GxSwitchlessWah, GxOsMutantes, GxOverDriver, GxToneMender, and GxPushPull. These are emulations of amps and pedals, equalizers, audio effects (distortion, delay, wahwah...) from the guitarists' world and can of course be used elsewhere. Thanks for the tests help to @sub26nico.

gx-brummer-janv2021-prez.png, janv. 2021


  • new 10.2 version for Impro-Visor which brings many new features, improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous version 8.1. Thanks @fidz for the help with testing.
  • new patch version for SuperCollider which fixes two problems reported, suggested and tested by @leyoy, thank you.
  • new patch version for ZynAddSubFX which fixes a problem (reported by @n4dir, thanks) that made the packages uninstallable correctly before.
  • new version for librazik-donate-tip which fixes a problem of unwanted display of the window at startup.
  • new version for the hydrogen-patterns package which brings many new patterns for Hydrogen.


Changing the order of the images in the carousel of the English page which is allowing the first image to show directly an image of what we are talking about. And general work on the CSS code organization of the site's pages.


In addition to the pieces of music made with LibraZiK (see at the top of this post), the web talked about LibraZiK here: one person added a notice for LibraZiK on


  • participation in the lmms and supercollider packaging
  • work on the sfizz packaging to start the work to get it into Debian


  • during the integration of the various Hermann software (see above), several patches and bug reports were sent upstream. It should be noted that it has been a pleasure to work with Hermann who is fast, friendly and efficient. Thank you @Hermann!
  • a patch sent to LSP-plugins to correct some typos in the manual
  • backup of dokuwiki, Mastodon account, static pages, flyspray, dotclear,...etc, in short of the whole site
  • several code patches sent to Hydrogen
  • some patches sent to liberapay

For the coming month, I plan to continue working on improving the website and more specifically on learning new technologies that should make the construction of the site more flexible. Another thing I want to finalize is to facilitate the installation of the KDE desktop environment and to relax the dependency on MATE.

This monthly report post is coming to an end and I would like to warmly thank the people who helped this month to move the project forward: so thank you to Nicolas "sub26nico", Erwan "r1", Arnaud "fidz", and Lionel "leyoy". May the gods and goddesses of music be with you!

A new year is starting, let's take care of each other, and don't forget to fund the LibraZiK project as well!

See you soon,


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