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LibraZiK-3 live

A live-image is available now. It allows, at first, to test LibraZiK-3 on a USB key without installing it on a hard disk.

You can then use it to install LibraZiK-3 on a hard disk if you decide to do so.

LibraZiK-3 LIVE documentation

This live version includes a pre-selection of several software, a set of pre-settings, and is designed to allow users to test LibraZiK-3 without installing it on a machine but by booting the system from a USB key.

Two versions for 64bit hardware architecture are available. As for LibraZiK-2, there is a version in French and, as a novelty, there is also a 64-bit version in English now available. This is something that was requested by many non-French speaking users at the time of LibraZiK-2, and here it is. The documentation to create this USB stick has been reviewed and updated and is available in the manual (in English too!) now.

Documentation on LibraZiK-3 installation

Another possibility of this USB key is that after booting a computer on the "live" LibraZiK-3 system present on the USB key, it is then possible to install the system on the computer hard disk. The installation documentation for this method has been reviewed and translated into English for the non-French speakers. It is now available in the LibraZiK-3 manual. Please note by the way that several pages concerning installation and configuration have also been translated into English. It is hoped that this work will be useful and appreciated since it required several dozen hours of work (translations + screenshots + installation tests in English).

No 32-bit version of the live, as estimations are currently at around 10% of people using LibraZiK-3 in 32-bit. Making one is not an impossible thing to do, but it takes time, and since the time is not extensible at will, I felt it was not worth it. A person who would need LibraZiK-3 32-bit has several choices including :

  • installing directly without using the live USB key with the method 1 of LZK-3 installation,
  • building such a live show himself/herself,
  • contacting me for invoiced support.

There have been several tests of use and installation of this live, and it appears that it works most of the time. If it wouldn't work for your case, you can use the usual means of contact and/or try another installation method.

Work on this live design started at the beginning of the year thanks to funding from the Jardin Moderne. May this structure be thanked once again here, and especially Simon who is the person in charge of this financing project. Since then, there has also been help from several people close to LibraZiK, especially for the tests, and I would like to thank here warmly Nicolas "sub26nico", Mathieu "houston4444", and Erwan "r1" for this.

Remember that your donations are important to move the project forward.

In the meantime, happy musicalisation with this live!



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