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LibraZiK-3 release

No news on the blog since the January 30th post. A little more than three months then. Hope you weren't too scared!

The main reason is that I was in the LibraZiK-3 oven to fix (or try to fix) some annoying bugs (and most of them have been!) as well as to update the documentation.

In short, that's it, LibraZiK-3 is available for all users, French-speaking or not, and for amd64 (64-bit architecture) and i386 (32-bit PC architecture).

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To start here, I'll begin with the acknowledgements: thank you very much to Nicolas "'sub26nico" for the huge amount of testing he did, helping me to move the work forward quickly. Thanks also to the other testers and bug reporters: Erwan "r1", Mathieu "houston4444", Julien "jujudusud", Julien "diigitae", Didier "bluedid29", Pierrick "piep", gepeto, Brian "briandc", Lionel "leyoy" and thanks to the helpers especially for bug fixes to Jean-Pierre "jpcima", Mathieu "houston4444", and Erwan "r1". Another thank you goes to Elisa who designed the background images for this new version of LibraZiK during the work financed by the Jardin Moderne, thanks to them and especially to Simon. If I forgot you here, I'm sorry, but thank you anyway! ... and come and tell me so I can add you to the list.

Of course without forgetting all the developers across the skies, space and time, of free software that are in LibraZiK-3. You're all truly great.

So LibraZiK-3 is a new LibraZiK, based on Debian "Buster" 10 now (LibraZiK-2 was based on Debian "Stretch" 9). Overall, the same principles still drive this project, so there aren't many differences in the logic of the distribution. Let's say that to summarize the major differences :

  • a big effort has been made to allow non-francophones to use LZK-3: this effort had already been well started with LibraZiK-2, and there is now nothing to prevent a non-francophone from using LibraZiK-3. Francophone readers will take care to install the additional librazik-apt-fr package in order to have the GUI of the few recalcitrant software in French anyway. This is mentioned in detail in the LibraZiK-3 manual (in French). Non-francophone readers no longer need to install the librazik-apt-nonfr package that was needed for LibraZiK-2.
  • a myriad of software have been updated, please see the manual page that discusses the differences between LZK-2 and LZK-3 (in French) for an overview.
  • the documentation has been updated to a great extent, again, please refer to the manual page that discusses the differences between LZK-2 and LZK-3

If some of you have in mind to migrate from LZK-2 to LZK-3, it is advisable to avoid the upgrade at this stage. This is because there is a nasty bug that causes jackd to malfunction after the update. Rather annoying for a digital audio studio. We tracked it down, but did not find out exactly where it was hiding and therefore cannot fix it or document a workaround. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a complete reinstallation of a LibraZiK-3 system.

Tip: finish your projects started with LZK-2 on LZK-2, unless there is an emergency, there is no need to rush for LZK-3.

There is no ISO at the moment, probably later when the collaboration with the Jardin Moderne will be finished.

A priori, in the next days/weeks, the work should be focused on software updates and some new software as well (feel free to ask nicely if you're missing something and why), and also on writing an installation manual page in English. That said, an online translator on the French page should cover your needs.

In the meantime, let the music resonate!

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