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LibraZiK-4 live

Dear LibraZiKies, Santa Claus has put a live image for LibraZiK-4 under the Christmas tree. This live image allows you to start LibraZiK-4 from a USB stick on computers that support this feature, so you can walk around with a LibraZiK-4 in a USB stick, test LibraZiK-4 without installing it on a hard disk, and also install it on a machine from this USB stick.

LibraZiK-4 LIVE documentation

This live version includes a pre-selection of several software packages, a set of pre-configurations, and is designed to allow users to test LibraZiK-4 without installing it on a machine but booting the system from a USB stick. You'll need to check whether your machine is capable of this.

Two versions for 64-bit hardware architecture are available. As with the previous version of LibraZiK, one in French and another in English are now available. The documentation for building this USB stick has been revised and updated and is available in the manual.

LibraZiK-4 installation how-to

Another feature of this USB stick is that, after booting a computer on the LibraZiK-4 system present on the "live" USB stick, it is then possible to install the system on the machine's hard disk. The documentation for installation by this method has yet to be reviewed at the time of publication of this blog post, but the previous documentation for the live LibraZiK-3 is probably still largely valid. The more experienced among you will probably be able to follow and adapt this installation manual for LibraZiK-3 live to a LibraZiK-4 live, for the rest of you, you can wait for the documentation to be updated (probably sometime in January) so that you can follow it without question.

No 32-bit version of the live, as estimates of the current number of LibraZiK users on 32-bit systems are currently below 10%, which doesn't allow me to think that making a 32-bit live would be a good use of my time. Making such a live is not impossible to do, but it does take a lot of time. Please note that it is possible to install a 32-bit LibraZiK using methods other than a live. Anyone who needs a 32-bit live version can always contact me to discuss the matter.

There have been several tests of using and installing this live, and it turns out that it works most of the time. If it doesn't work for you, you can use the usual means of contact and/or try another installation method.

Before publication, this live USB was tested by several people, and I'd like to thank Nicolas "sub26nico", Didier "bluedid29", Erwan "r1", and Lionel "leyoy" for this.

Don't forget that your donations are important to keep the project going.

In the meantime, happy music with this live!


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