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LibraZiK-4 release

Dear LibraZiK-ies,

With the coming of spring, I am very happy to announce the arrival of the new LibraZiK-4!
LibraZiK-4 is now available for all users (note: French-speaking or not), for amd64 (64 bits PC architecture) and i386 (32 bits PC architecture).

Not much blabla in this header, let's go to the main news below...

mastodon-entête-LZK4.png, may 2020

First of all, thanks to the people who have participated in making or testing LibraZiK-4 for several months. Thanks to them, LibraZiK-4 is stable enough to be published now. They are : Nicolas "sub26nico", Jean-Pierre "jpcima", Erwan "r1", and Mathieu "houston4444". It's a pleasure to have people able to react and test new features quickly, as well as to develop software or features. Note that r1 has started to look at how the packaging process is working. Another thanks must go to tuxfamily who hosts the site and the LibraZiK repositories.

And let's not forget the developers great number of free software present in LibraZiK-4. Without you, LibraZiK-4 would simply not exist. Thank you all.

LibraZiK-4, is the new version of LibraZiK, which is now based on the latest Debian release named "Bulleyes" 11 (the previous LibraZiK-3 was based on Debian "Buster" 10).

This new LibraZiK-4 is built on the same logic as the previous one and benefits from a more recent general system and software.

About the audio production software, there are some new features and changes, and a lot of updates. You can read the details on this page of the LibraZiK-4 manual.

New possibility for this version, you can upgrade to LibraZiK-4 from a LibraZiK-3. Please follow this tutorial.

Tip: finish your projects started with LibraZiK-3 on LibraZiK-3, there is no hurry to upgrade to LibraZiK-4, as version 3 is still followed and updated by Debian at a security level.

Some notes:

  • Please note that not all documentation has been reviewed yet. If something seems strange, don't hesitate to come and talk to us.
  • There is no ISO for the moment, maybe later if I have time and courage.
  • The LibraZiK-2 version (repositories, documentations, ISO,...) will be removed from the web in a few weeks.

In the next few days/weeks, work should be concentrated on updating the English manual and translating the remainings.

Until then, make the air vibrate, swing the waves, starting-block ready and enjoy!


Diffusion :

  • Mastodon
  • IRC channels on #librazik, #lau, #opensourcemusicians, #linuxmusicians


1. Le mercredi, 18 mai, 2022, 23h27 par Totalchaos

So happy to see the LibraZiK project hanging on. Because it offers arguably the biggest, rock-solid stable, pro-audio oriented repository, including custom Linux kernels. Our community should give it our full support, and not let LibraZiK fade away into oblivion.


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