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LibraZiK financed by the Jardin Moderne

The week of January 13-18, 2020, the Jardin Moderne (Jardin Moderne" means literally the "Modern Garden") funded LibraZiK.

Specifically, the Jardin Moderne applied for and received a grant of 5000 euros (CNV/DRAC/Brittany Region) in order to develop a USB key for its members and to benefit the whole community as well.

This grant was used to hire yours truly (Olivier Humbert - LibraZiK) and Elisa de Castro Guerra (ActivStudio) for 5 days.

We worked together on different objectives:

  1. the development of a LibraZiK-3 USB key (based on Debian Buster)
  2. graphical improvement of the distribution
  3. redesigning the website

For the Modern Garden point of view:

The idea for the Jardin Moderne is to participate in the LibraZiK project while allowing the users of our studio to leave with a USB key that will allow them to continue their work at home (and to learn about free computer aided music!).

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fonddecranlzk3jm-1.png, Jan. 2020

In a few lines, here is what was accomplished during this time of work:

1. a live USB was made (an ISO image):

  • based on Debian Buster + LZK-3 repository
  • for 64-bit architecture
  • with a MATE desktop environment
  • francised
  • various optimizations for audio production
  • a selection of software related to the particular needs of the Jardin Moderne (as far as music is concerned : amsynth, ardour, audacity, cadence, calf-plugins, carla, eq10q, foo-yc20, giada, guitarix, guitarix-lv2, gxplugins-lv2, handbrake, helm, hybridreverb2, hydrogen, jamin, jamin-presets, lingot, lmms, lsp-plugins, mda-lv2, mixxx, musescore3, protracker, puredata-gui-l10n, raysession, rosegarden, setbfree, surge, sysexxer-ng, tunefish-lv2, tuxguitar, vlc, vmpk, x42-avldrums.lv2, x42-plugins, zynaddsubfx, and some others... and also: scribus, libreoffice, firefox, hexchat, thunderbird, ...)
  • packaging and integrating scribus 1.5 (the Jardin Moderne uses a Scribus template file for the stage plans of the groups) and making a documentation page for this software
  • non-free firmware (wifi, audio/midi hardware, processor patches)
  • several basic (French) documentations (use of Cadence, jackd configuration, use of Catia and Ray Session)
  • upgrade to kernel 5.4.0 (BL and RT versions) and update its documentation page
  • addition of a pre-configuration for firefox (among others, direct link to LibraZiK and websites)
  • added pre-configuration for hexchat (among others, direct links to LibraZiK, linuxmao, dogamzic, and debian channels)
  • a beginning of work on the ability to have a persistent live (i.e. which keeps the modifications from one start to the next)

2. work on a new graphic theme base :

  • new icon
  • new wallpapers for the different display levels at startup: splash for live, grub2, lightdm, and mate

fonddecranlzk3jm-2.png, Jan. 2020

3. Work on updating the website.

  • preparing a carousel of images
  • preparing a page of "made with LZK" audio demos
  • preparation of adaptation to a new general theme

4. Added a new optimization for LibraZiK-3 to prevent PulseAudio from restarting itself when cut.

5. integration of pure-data and creation of a documentation page for it

6. checking and updating the manual for the future LibraZiK-3

That's it for the technical side.

For the human side, from my point of view (Olivier), it was very interesting to work in pairs with someone much more specialized than me in all visual matters, and also to work for a specific request corresponding to a precise use. Even if it was a specific request, 95% of the work done during this week could be used by all (future) LibraZiK users. To be quite honest, if there hadn't been this request from the Jardin Moderne, I'm not sure I would have done a live.

This ISO live is not yet available because I still have some work to do and I have other things on the fire. Probably it will be available sometimes in March. For the moment, that's what I'm planning anyway.

Thanks to the Jardin Moderne (and especially to Simon), and to Elisa. Looking forward to do it again!

See you soon! Olivier

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