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LibraZiK news - April 2022

Hi LibraZiK-ies.

A short post here to announce some news about LibraZiK-3.

splash.png, March 2021

Music made with LibraZiK-3:

First, some musical productions made with LibraZiK, which will allow you to read this blog post with music in your ears.

To start, a whole album made with a good venerable LibraZiK-1! It is "Le mystère du gué pucelle" by Alco Frisbass. See: this Mastodon post for more information.

Another whole album made with LibraZiK-3: "Brain guts" by Erwan, which was broadcast on "120 minutes radio" and is re-listenable here. Erwan took the time to write an excellent post in which he explains his methods and software used.

A techno dub track made with LibraZiK-3: by tongo.

Update :

On the software side, a new set of kernels is available for LibraZiK-3, in low latency as well as in real time. Both are made in 64 bits version, and exceptionally, not in 32 bits version. The reason is simple, I don't have a computer installed with a 32 bits version of LibraZiK-3 anymore. Also, the download statistics show that the 32-bit version represents less than 2.5% of the users. However, if someone needs a 32-bit version of this kernel, please contact me.


Update of the documentation page: Buster install.

Miscellaneous :

The framasphère Diaspora* pod closed its doors on October the 7th. The old account isn't available anymore. A new account is available to follow the project on the Diaspora* network, come to join us !

Backup of the Mastodon account, of the Diaspora* accounts (the old one on framasphère and the new one on Diaspora-fr), and of the whole FS website + BDD (doc, blog, flyspray, ...) + repositories. Updated dokuwiki plugins (keyboard, meta, pagelist, tag, cloud, fontcolor, include) and removed the BackupTool plugin on doc-dev (not used).

Participation in Debian packaging for: CMT, CALF-plugins, DPF-plugins, zam-plugins, iem-plugin-suite, avldrums.lv2, DragonFlyReverb, LSP-plugins, as well as for : GxTuner, shotcut, vokoscreen-ng, jackmixer, hexchat, polyphone, drumsticktools, antimicro, vamp-examples, jack-mixer, jackd2-firewire, zynaddsubfx-dssi, zynaddsubfx-vst, zynaddsubfx-lv2, GjackTransport, Ardour, ZitaDC1, live-config, mate-tweak, multimedia-firewire and multimedia-csound, snd*, smplayer-l10n, and pavucontrol-qt-l10n.

Some (small) patches sent to upstream projects: "ProTracker 2 clone" and "a2jmidid".

For the next weeks and months, the time I will have available for the project will be used for the usual maintenance, the upgrade to the next LibraZiK-4 (which will be based on Debian 11).

End of the post, it remains for me to warmly thank the people who helped to make the project progress, then big thanks to Nicolas "sub26nico", Erwan "r1", and Mathieu "houston4444" mainly. May this spring be musically fruitful for you !

If your pocket is heavy, and you want to, don't forget to fund the LibraZiK project.

See you soon,


1. Le jeudi, 28 avril, 2022, 09h20 par Olivier Humbert

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