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LibraZiK news - December 2020

Hello LibraZiK-ies.

Since last month's monthly report post, things have been happening, of which the news on the website represent the majority of the work that has been done for LibraZiK during this month. That said, other things have also happened, and we'll see this together in this post.

splash.png, may 2020

The French translation of Guitarix, a guitar amp and effects simulation, had been abandoned several years ago. The visible consequence was that its graphical interface was half translated. Barely a third in fact. So I undertook a lot of work to redo this translation. To do so, I collaborated with Hermann, the main developer of Guitarix, who was very responsive, thanks to him. This work allowed me to see that a part of Guitarix was no longer translatable (in any language), and Hermann was able to correct this and thus allow the complete translation of the Guitarix interface. I also contributed by updating his internationalization files and correcting some typos in the code. I then completely reviewed and completed the translation of Guitarix in French, and the version of Guitarix present in LibraZiK was updated. It is now 100% translated into French. As usual, this translation work has been sent to Guitarix and so, the new versions of Guitarix will be translated into French for the users of the French language in all distributions.

Other updates:

  • new version 3.19 for librazik-logiciels-all which corrects an installation problem on a 32-bit system and adds some software that had previously been forgotten
  • new version 2.5.1 for GeonKick, a drum/percussion synthesizer
  • new version 3.2.3 of Dragonfly Reverb, a set of reverberations
  • new series of 4.19.0-13 BL and RT (low-latency and real-time) linux kernel for 64 and 32 bits
  • new version 3.6.2 for Jamulus
  • new version 2.20.2 of Faust
  • new version 3.08 of librazik-donate-tip which brings a new donation text

Fixes :

  • a new version of Caja (the MATE file manager) has been made to fix a bug that made it crash when trying to copy a folder into the same parent folder (in other words: copy it next to itself)
  • a new version for GNU solfege (a software to help learning solfege) which fixes a configuration problem if you had several audio interfaces (thanks to sibfactory for reporting, and to r1 and jpcima for help in solving)


Several tutorials (in French) have been reviewed, and a bunch of typos have been fixed here and there in the documentation.


Updated French translations of the graphical user interfaces for Hydrogen, Jamulus, Qtractor, QjackCtl, Qsynth, Qsampler, LSP-plugins, PianoBooster, and Mamba. As usual, these translations have been sent upstream and are therefore available to all users of these software packages, not only LibraZiK users.

A lot of work has been done to completely translate the Jamulus documentation website into French. It is now almost finished.

Finally, the French translation of phpmyadmin has been updated.


  • Improvements to the French description of the following packages: texlive-music, and mate-applet-appmenu
  • participation in the packaging of Ardour, Giada, and Faust packages


Here are 3 new pieces made with LibraZiK :

For the coming month, I plan to continue working on improving the website and more specifically on learning new technologies that should make the construction of the site more flexible. I would also like to finalize the entry as well as updates of several software and plugins designed for guitarists. If you are a guitarist yourself, help in testing this is welcome. Come and talk to me.

This monthly report post is coming to an end and I would like to warmly thank the people who are helping to test and push the project forward: Nicolas "sub26nico", Matthieu "houston4444", Erwan "r1", Jean-Pierre "jpcima" and also Nicolas "N-i-c-o".

At this time of the year, take care of yourself and yours, and don't forget to fund the LibraZiK project.

See you soon,


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