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LibraZiK news - December 2023

Hi LibraZiK-ies.

It snowed here a few days ago. A new winter is coming. As always, it promises that spring will follow. And it's paving the way for a few weeks or months of slower activity, which should make it possible to make more music. If you've been following the project Mastodon account, you've been able to see what's new in LibraZiK as it happens, and here's a summary of what's been new over the last six months (software updates, new software, miscellaneous information...).


Musics made with LibraZiK::

Let's not change this fine habit of starting with pieces of music made with LibraZiK. Here are a few in different styles to accompany your reading of this post:

Since the preparation of this playlist is now complete, we can go on to the new features that have appeared in LZK4 since May.


  • a succession of kernel updates : 5.10.0-23 then 5.10.0-25 then 5.10.0-26 (thanks for the tests sub26nico and r1)
  • Ardour went up in 7.5 version then in 8.1 version (thanks for the tests sub26nico and r1)
  • avldrums.lv2 went in 0.7.2 version with 2 new drumkits embedded : "blond bop hot" and "Buskman" giving you more choice (thanks for the tests sub26nico and r1)
  • Hydrogen went in 1.2.2 version((thanks for the tests r1, arnaud, and houstonn4444)
  • Drumgizmo went in 0.9.20 version (thanks for the tests sub26nico)
  • RaySessionwent in 0.14.3 version (thanks for the tests houston4444 for the development)

New software:

A new software has been introduced: Drumrox. It's an LV2 plug-in allowing you to load Hydrogen drumkits in any LV2 plugin host (thanks for the tests sub26nico)


  • fixed a broken link in the demo page.

On the web:

  • the project was tooted on Mastodon by Zaclys, which led to a rather interesting discussion thread and numerous subscriptions to the Mastodon account. This influx pushed the number of Mastodon account subscriptions above 300! Keep spreading the word, because we're hard at work here, but we don't have a communications team, so we're counting on you users!
  • a call for expressions for LibraZiK users has been launched, please feel free and invited to participate
  • it seems that LibraZiK is used at universities in Germany, according to this thread on the forums (Mastodon toot linked)
  • I was (among others, including sub26nico) interviewed by Derek about sustainability and online music practices. You can find the results of this work here:
  • update of the LibraZiK LinuxAudio page
  • improvement of LibraZiK's Mastodon account (links authentication)


  • in June and July, a contribution from TuxLeManchot enabled us to finish translating the submenus in the "Audio and video" section into Spanish (Mastodon post n°1 and Mastodon post n°2)
  • blog backup (FS + DB)

For the next few weeks and months, the time I'll have available for the project will probably be used for the usual maintenance, updating software and the manual, and possibly looking at a new LibraZiK-5 based on the new Debian stable.

It's the end of this blog post, so I'm going to give my heartfelt thanks as usual to the people who help keep the project going, especially Nicolas "sub26nico", Erwan "r1", and Mathieu 'houston4444" as well as the developers of the software used by the LibraZiK project. May you have a restful winter!

Don't forget to fund the LibraZiK project if you want to keep the project going.

Happy holidays to you and yours, and see you soon,

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