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LibraZiK news - January 2023

Hello LibraZiK-os.

LibraZiK-4 was released on Monday, May 9, 2022. Those of you who follow the Mastodon account of the project know that a lot of things happened since then (software updates, new software, bug fixes, documentation writing, etc...) and it's probably time to make a summary of it all. So here it is below.


Music made with LibraZiK:
Let's start by presenting an assortment of music made with LibraZiK, which will give you the possibility to play it in the background while reading this article:

New software:

  • Re-addition of the following software 6pm, fabla2, luppp, sorcer, impro-visor, newtonator, juice-plugins (PowerJuice, PowerJuiceX2, TriggerJuice, VectorJuice, WobbleJuice), x42-gmsynth.lv2, vcvrack, harmonizer-lv2, wolf-shaper, chordv et qdictionnaire that were already present on LibraZiK-3 but were not re-packaged for LibraZiK-4.
  • Gtick to replace the old gtkclick (under LZK3) which is an abandoned software. Note that it was already installable under LZK-3 and even LZK-2, but it was not installed by default and did not have a dedicated page in the documentation. This is done.
  • Aether : a reverb in LV2 format
  • Bespoke : a modular synthesizer
  • Xplugs-lv2 plugin set, programmed by Hermann (the main developer of Guitarix), containing new software: CollisionDrive (an overdrive/distortion simulation), Fluida (a Fluidsynth-based sampler), HarmonicExciter (allows you to add harmonics), Rumor (a pure and nasty fuzz bass guitar pedal), XKeyboard (a simple virtual MIDI keyboard), XMixer (a simple 4-in-1 mixer), and XWaveView (a simple oscilloscope), as well as other LV2 plugin software that was already present in LZK-4 and is now part of this package: FatFrog (high-gain amplifier), LittleFly (guitar overdrive/distortion pedal simulation), screcord (a recorder), XDarkTerror (valve amplifier simulation), Xmonk (a toy) and XPolyMonk (a polyphonic version), and XTinyTerror (valve amplifier simulation).
  • pybristol : a graphical interface to vintage "bristol" synthesizers, thanks to r1 and sub26nico for the tests
  • MetalTone.lv2 : a BOSS distortion pedal simulation by the Guitarix developer (thanks to Nicolas for the tests)
  • airwindows-lv2 : a set of plugins for mixing mainly in LV2 format (thanks for testing Nicolas)
  • B.Angr : a multi-band multi-dimensional distortion effect in LV2 format (thanks r1 for testing)
  • B.Oops : an effect sequencer in LV2 format (thanks r1 and fidz for the tests)
  • Stochas : a probabilistic MIDI sequencer in autonomous-JACK or VST3 format (thanks r1 and sub26nico for the tests)
  • Zytrax : a sequencer inspired by trackers


  • Cadence in version 0.9.1+20220516 which fixes some bugs. For example a bug that made the "Force a restart" button not work. It now works on most of the machines we tested it on. However, there is still one machine where it still doesn't work. If you were in such a case, please come and tell us about it so we can pinpoint the problem.
  • rakarrack-plus 1.2.1 : thanks for the tests and feedbacks to Arnaud (fidz), Sylvain (Sylv_01), Mathieu (houston4444)
  • DragonFly-Reverb 3.2.6 : thanks for tests and feedback to Arnaud (fidz) then in version 3.2.8 : thanks for tests and feedback to Nicolas (sub26nico)
  • librazik-menu 4.03 package (correctly places several shortcuts in the "sound and video" menu)
  • kernel series 5.10.0-18 in BL (low latency) and RT (real time) versions for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, then series 5.10.0-20 (thanks for the tests Nicolas and Erwan)
  • paulstretch 2.2-2+20191111-0librazik2
  • LSP-plugins plugins set 1.1.31-3librazik1: including a new set of scope plugins: x1, x2 and x4
  • RaySession 0.13.0-0librazik1 for the audio session manager
  • Carla 2.5.2 for the modular plugin host - thanks for testing Erwan and Nicolas
  • Qtractor 0.9.30: which brings among other things a first support for CLAP plugins - thanks for testing Nicolas
  • Ardour 7.2: which brings a lot of things - thanks for testing Nicolas and Erwan
  • zam-plugins 4.1: a set of audio processing effects


Translation of documentation pages into English:

Pages update:

Lexicon :

Fixed the flyspray welcome header where the help link and information about the flyspray were incorrect.

Upstream involvement :

  • added menu item for juice-plugins project software (refused)
  • added a french comment for the menu icon of jalv-select
  • added a comment in french for the menu icon of paulxstretch
  • fixes 2 problems on rakarrack-plus
  • participation in Debian packaging of : LSP-plugins, DragonFlyReverb, zam-plugins, dpf-plugins, zytrax, and guitarix
  • fixes the installation of the CLAP version of master-me (software currently under test in LibraZiK)

Backup of the website and social network accounts.

I have added a star on Synaptic's github because it is useful to me. If it is useful to you too and you have an account on github, I invite you to do the same!

Please note that the previous Debian (10 "Buster") on which the previous LibraZiK (3 "Pas à pas") was based has seen its last update a few months ago. So I encourage you all to upgrade your LibraZiK-3 to LibraZiK-4.

For the next weeks and months, the time I will have available for the project will be used for the usual maintenance, software and manual updates.

End of the post, it remains for me to warmly thank the people who helped to make the project progress, then big thanks to Nicolas "sub26nico", and Erwan "r1" mainly. May the winter not be too cold for you and let your fingers free to settle down beautiful musical inspirations !

Don't forget to fund the LibraZiK project if you want the project to be sustainable.

See you soon,

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