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LibraZiK news - March 2021

Hello LibraZiK-ies.

No post last month because it was a bad calendar since I was working away from home. So we go back to the January monthly report post, in which I had planned to finalize several updates and specifically work on making it easier to use LibraZiK with KDE (another desktop environment than MATE recommended/provided by default). The planned updates have been done, as well as others not initially planned, and a new set of plugins has arrived in LibraZiK.

splash.png, March 2021

Before seeing all this in more detail, here are several tracks that have been made by people using LibraZiK to produce their music. There is something for everyone: synthwave, guitar ballad, latino, dub, drone, and others. Something to tickle your ears while reading this blog post.


  • guitarix, the guitar amplifier went to a 0.42.1 version
  • gxplugins-lv2, the plugins set for guitar went to a 0.8 version
  • zam-plugins, the plugins set for mixing went to a 3.14 version
  • LSP plugins, the plugins set for mixing (another one!) went to a 1.1.29 version
  • sfizz, the SFZ soundfont reader went to a 0.5.1 version
  • ardour, the digital audio workstation went to a 6.5 then a 6.6 version
  • geonkick, the specialized synthesizer for drums/percussion went to a 1.7.3 version
  • mamba, the virtual MIDI keyboard and soundfont reader went to a 2.1 version
  • surge, the synthesizer in which one can spend probably the equivalent of 5 or 6 lives before having done the trick, went to a 1.8.1 version
  • raysession, the session manager went to a 0.10.1 version
  • jamulus, the software to jam online went to a 3.7.0 version
  • a new series of kernel 4.19.0-14, in low-latency (BL) and real-time (RT) versions, for amd64 and i386 has been integrated into LibraZiK


A new set of guitar amp simulations, more precisely of the pre-amp part, called Tamgamp (and TamgampGX) has arrived in LV2 format in LibraZiK-3. These sounds are close to some well known amps to guitarists.



  • participation in the packaging of foo-yc20, guitarix, and dragonfly-reverb


For the next month, I will try to find time to finalize the facilitation of the KDE desktop environment installation (and thus, relax the MATE dependency). I don't plan to do anything else for the moment but probably more will come.

We are now at the end of this (bi-)monthly post and it remains for me to warmly thank the people who helped to make the project progress by testing the new features before I make them available to everyone. Many thanks to Nicolas "sub26nico", Arnaud "fidz", Erwan "r1", and Mathieu "houston4444". May spring bring you happiness!

Spring is here, primroses are coming out of the ground, birds are singing, and life is about to start again after the winter. The cycles are starting again! Take care of yourself, yours, and your environment. And if you feel like it, and don't forget to fund the LibraZiK project as well!

See you soon,


1. Le mardi, 30 mars, 2021, 12h46 par Olivier Humbert

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