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LibraZiK news - May 2023

Hi LibraZiK-ies.

My memories of Foreign Language 4 "birds" are making me think that with spring upon us, they are wondering what's new on the LibraZiK-4 side since the last blog post about it in January 2023. If they had done what you did and followed the project's Mastodon account, they would already know! But since they have a lot of excuses like "gnagnagna, I was migrating to the other side of the planet... or "cuicuicui, hibernation didn't leave me much time so I made them a summary of the actions of these last four months (software updates, new software, bug fixes, documentation writing, etc...). So here it is below and even humans can read it!


Musics made with LibraZiK::

As usual, some songs made under LibraZiK so that you can read this blog post with music if you wish:

With that in your ears, here are the new features that appeared in LZK4 since January.


New software:

And also blow (thanks for the tests sub26nico & r1) - the corresponding post on Mastodon & bsilent - the corresponding post on Mastodon



For the next weeks and months, the time I will have available for the project will be used for the usual maintenance, software and manual updates.

End of the post, it remains for me to warmly thank the people who helped to make the project progress, then big thanks to Nicolas "sub26nico", Erwan "r1", and Mathieu 'houston4444" mainly. May the spring be good for you to hatch new melodies !

Don't forget to fund the LibraZiK project if you want the project to be sustainable.

See you soon,

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