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LibraZiK news - September 2021

Hi LibraZiK-ies.

No new blog post since March the 30th. The main reason for this is that I took a new job (not much to do with computers, free software, linux, or even computer aided music) and that leaves me less time. Those of you who follow the project closely knew that I was still working on things and updating some important parts of LibraZiK-3 when needed. Below is a summary of the things that have been happening on the project over the last 5 months.

splash.png, March 2021

Music made with LibraZiK-3:

A lot of music made lately with LibraZiK, and it fills me with joy that people are using it for real, to actually make music. It is likely that other pieces have been made with LibraZiK during these months, but that I have not been notified of them. If so, please feel free to point them out to me in the comments of this post or in any other way.

In the meantime, here is some music for your ears, yum!

Update :

  • a new version 1.0+20210810 of Spectacle-Analyzer (frequencies analyzer). Thanks @jpcima !
  • an update of RaySession in 0.11.0 version, then a 0.11.1 version a few weeks later, which brings a patchbay
  • an update for the 3.8.0 version of Jamulus
  • an update for the 0.9 version of the GxPlugins plugins pack
  • a new 1.0.2 version of Hydrogen (a drum machine)
  • a new 3.2.5 version of DragonFly-Reverb, which brings bugs fixes
  • a 4.9.0-16 linux kernel series, then a 4.19.0-17 one a few weeks later, BL and RT (low-latency and real-time) for Intel 64 and 32 bits



  • a few update in the French section

Miscellaneous :

  • backups of the website (dokuwiki, dotclear, flyspray), as well as Mastodon and Diaspora* accounts
  • a new freewheeling demo video by fidz

For the next few weeks and months, the time I have available for the project will be used for the usual maintenance, updating packages requested by people using LibraZiK.

At the end of the post, it remains for me to warmly thank the people who helped to advance the project by testing the new features before I make them available to everyone. Many thanks to Nicolas "sub26nico", Erwan "r1", Mathieu "houston4444", and Arnaud "fidz". May the lasting summer season give you enough joy to produce beautiful music!

If your pocket is heavy, and you want to, don't forget to fund the LibraZiK project.

See you soon,


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