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Opened by Olivier Humbert - 22.07.2020
Last edited by Olivier Humbert - 22.07.2020

FS#1153 - freewheeling : ne pas forcer l'utilisation d'un clavier AZERTY

Pour le moment (version 0.6.6 de freewheeling), l’agencement du clavier par défaut est AZERTY.
C’est très bien pour les utilisateurs avec un clavier comme ça, mais ça doit être embêtant pour les autres.

Copie d’une discussion IRC avec Bill Auger (le mainteneur actuel) :

<bill-auger> it is highly configurable - pretty much any input that can be be plugged into a computer, could be used as triggers
<trebmuh> that is good for the French users, but no that good for other I guess :)
<trebmuh> my feature request is : it’s be very handy to have a config file to store a user choice about the keyboard layout
<trebmuh> then, all users would be fine with that, and I’ll not be enforcing anyone to use an AZERTY config
<bill-auger> there is
<trebmuh> oh ?
<bill-auger> almost everything is configurable
<trebmuh> in a config-file ?
<bill-auger> all that would need to happenis to include your interface in the sources
<bill-auger> the original azerty layout is not in the sources - but it is very easy to drop them in
<bill-auger> see the bottom of this file https://github.com/free-wheeling/freewheeling/blob/master/data/interfaces.xml#L32 <bill-auger> you can specify which interfaces/layouts will be available at runtine - at runtine you switch between them with TAB key
<bill-auger> just recently i made the ‘pckeyboard.xml’ be the default - yu would only need to add you custom XML, and change ‘pckeyboard.xml’ to the custom keyboard XML <bill-auger> send a PR adding your XML to the sources if you like - the configuration part is trivial

The task blocks this from closing
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