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  • Task Type Demande fonctionnalité / Feature request
  • Category distribution → nouveau logiciel / new software
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  • Operating System
  • Severity Low
  • Priority Very Low
  • Reported Version version 3 20200507
  • Due in Version Undecided
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Opened by Laurent Schwartz - 04.05.2021
Last edited by Laurent Schwartz - 04.05.2021

FS#1351 - QJackTrip : Jam online with other musicians

QJacktrip is a branch of the JackTrip project developed at the CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Accoustics) at Stanford, a low latency system for high-quality audio network performance over the internet. It adds an optional graphical user interface to the program that is launched by default, making it more accessible to the average user. (It can still be run from the command line with the same command line options as the original for more advanced use cases.)


Olivier Humbert commented on 30.05.2021 14:23

It seems that the "qjacktrip" github branch doesn't exist anymore : https://github.com/jacktrip/jacktrip/tree/qjacktrip. Do you now if that has been merged into main or if that has been moved elsewhere?

Laurent Schwartz commented on 30.05.2021 15:26

Indeed, it was in the pipe. Sorry for that.

It has been merged into dev branch / see this pull request:


Laurent Schwartz commented on 30.05.2021 16:31

The following commands did not run out of the box. I had to use aptitude to solve package issues.

sudo apt install -y --no-install-recommends build-essential librtaudio-dev qt5-default autoconf automake libtool make libjack-jackd2-dev git
jacktrip --gui

To execute QJackTrip on the dev branch


Available keyboard shortcuts


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