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    Olivier Humbert
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Opened by Olivier Humbert - 05.09.2016
Last edited by Olivier Humbert - 06.01.2021

FS#178 - Intégration des "mimetype"

Les “mimetype” semblent pouvoir faire en sorte que, suivant l’extension d’un fichier (*.xyz), l’environnement sait avec quel logiciel il peut ouvrir ce fichier. Le travail d’intégration fait dans LibraZiK pourrait en bénéficier.

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Voir la gestion des type mime des paquets suivants :

Olivier Humbert commented on 05.09.2016 19:06

IRC #debian-multimedia on 02/06/2016

<umlaeute> sharedmimeinfo declares audio/rosegarden, but rosegarden.desktop doesn't use audio/rosegarden… <pere> umlaeute: define broken? I assume they work for http mime types and downloads, but not for file browsers.
<umlaeute> i meant: how in the world is the file browser supposed to know that it should use /usr/bin/rosegarden to open rg files
<pere> umlaeute: btw, where is the audio/rosegarden defined? can'f find it.
<umlaeute> https://sources.debian.net/src/rosegarden/1:16.02-1/debian/rosegarden.sharedmimeinfo/ <umlaeute> it's audio/x-rosegarden
<pere> right.
<pere> are you asking how file browsers figure out what to run to open a file, or did I miss your point?
<umlaeute> no
<umlaeute> i was stating that rosegarden is not declared as being associated with .rg files
<umlaeute> /usr/bin/rosegarden is associated with some mimetypes, and .rg files are associated with some mimetype, but there is no overlap between the two
<umlaeute> so i'm asking where you think the information is declared that /usr/bin/rosegarden should open .rg files
<pere> right. but I believe "file –mime-type" is used by the file browsers to decide which desktop files to look at. am I wrong?
<pere> umlaeute: you seem to assume that I am claiming it is working and want me to explain why I believe so?
<umlaeute> no
<pere> my bug report is about the fact that it isn't working.
<umlaeute> yes.
<umlaeute> and i'm just saying, that the fix is to declare proper mimetypes.
<umlaeute> e.g. if /usr/bin/rosegarden would be associated with audio/x-rosegarden, then it *should* work
<pere> I do not think information is declared anywhere to get rosegarden to open .rg files. that is the entire point. so why do you ask where I "think the information is declared that /usr/bin/rosegarden should open .rg file"?
<Sebastinas> I don't think file(1) cares about sharedmimeinfo stuff
<umlaeute> we obviously do not understand each other
<umlaeute> also, i don't think that `file` is the problem
<umlaeute> e.g. file reports "ASCII text" for my Pd-patches, but thunar has "Pure Data" associated nevertheless
<pere> but it seem like a good idea to bring some overlap in mime types between /usr/share/mime/packages/rosegarden.xml and /usr/share/applications/rosegarden.desktop.
<umlaeute> so what i think is, that we should simply add "audio/x-rosegarden" to the mimetypes in rosegarden.desktop, and then (modern) filebrowsers might happily associate with .rg files
<pere> Sebastinas: file definitely ignore sharedmimeinfo stuff. the question I contemplate is if the desktops ignore it too. :)
<pere> umlaeute: I can't test it now, but will try to remember to test it when I get home.
<umlaeute> data point: puredata-gui declares .pd files as application/x-puredata (in puredata-gui.sharedmimeinfo) and they are opened by the "desktops" (thunar at least)
<umlaeute> and it associates application/x-puredata with pd-gui in both puredata.desktop and puredata-gui.mime
<umlaeute> i'm not sure which one makes the association work (maybe both), but it does work
<umlaeute> pere: maybe this is the root of our misunderstanding: i think that the bug is solely in the rosegarden package, and that #825994 is irrelevant here
-zwiebelbot/#debian-multimedia- Debian#825994: Can file look inside gzip file for XML tags? - https://bugs.debian.org/825994 <pere> umlaeute: right. while I believe desktops consult file –mime-type and did not remember /usr/share/mime/. I suspect desktops consult both sources.
<pere> but it would be great if we could solve it without waiting for file to learn how to recognize gzipped rosegarden xml… <umlaeute> yes totally; i think this is just possible
<umlaeute> but i'll fire up my laptop and try it
<pere> hm, perhaps a lintian check should compare the mime types in desktop files to the sharedmimeinfo in the package… <pere> I believe it is an embarrassment to the Linux desktop if a program saving its data into a file is not started again when a file browser is used to activate the same data file.
<umlaeute> ok, i just added audio/x-rosegarden to /usr/share/applications/rosegarden.desktop and re-ran `update-desktop-database` (and probably others, like update-mime), and now the 1st entry in thunar says "Mit 'Rosegarden' öffnen"
<umlaeute> pere: it's only an embarrassment if the application that is called cannot properly handle the file.
<umlaeute> e.g. if rosegarden would open image.gz, or xarchiver opened .jar files.
<umlaeute> but there's nothing wrong to open an emacs-created html file with firefox.
<pere> umlaeute: no, it is not only an embarrassment in that case. when a kid write a rosegarden file and try to open it again the day after and it fail, it is a major failure for the linux desktop and an embarrassment.
<pere> when a kid create a screen recording with gtk-recordmydesktop and it fail to play when he select the ogv file in the file browser, it is an embarrassment for the linux desktop. there are heaps of examples like this, and it scare people away from linux.
<umlaeute> pere: i fail to see how your usecases contradict mine
<umlaeute> "fail to open" != "using different programs for creating and opening files"
<umlaeute> note that i'm not questioning that rosegarden should open .rg files
<pere> umlaeute: I just mean that it is better to open using the wrong program and have the option (normally by right-clicking on the file) to open with the correct program, than to fail to open at all.
<pere> so text/plain opening in firefox and emacs is better than text/plain not opening at all.
<pere> or application/gzip opening in ark and rosegarden, instead of only ark, if the file really is a rosegarden file. I would of course prefer the rosegarden files to open in rosegarden and non-rosegarden files to not open in rosegarden, but some times that is not an option.
<pere> because to me, having at least one relevant program show up when right clicking and getting the 'open with' menu is better than the menu showing up without the relevant program.
<pere> a few years ago, when I tried to open a ogv file, only audacity would show up as an alternative. a clear fail for a video file.
<pere> the three vide players I had installed did not show up as an alternative.

Olivier Humbert commented on 16.06.2018 19:03
Olivier Humbert commented on 13.09.2018 11:19


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